Lock Up Your Check Book,You Won’t Need It

“Are you ready to be your own boss today…or do you want to keep getting up to go to work for someone else?”

Here’s To Being

Survey Results Show that 9 out of 10 Americans say they would like to own their own business, if they only knew how to get started.

Welcome to “Who Wants To Be The Boss!”

Hello, my name is Dave Meholovitch. Have you been dreaming about being your own boss?

You can own your own business today, even if you are broke! Wouldn’t it be great to step into an on going business and you are the boss? Or start-up your dream business?

There’s absolutely no reason I can think of why you can’t buy an existing business or start one from scratch, using none of your own money.

I will show you step by step how I did it.

I believe you have two choices; one, to build someone else’s dream or two, to build your dream.

And remember, “If you don’t follow your dreams you’ll be working for someone who did.”

Can you Do it?

Well You Can!

For all the years of your life you’ve put into making money for someone else…

For all the days and nights and weekends you’ve sweated trying to make ends meet… This membership is for you!

Remember the 3 P’s

You must have patience, persistence, perseverance. And, oh yeah, you must have the mind set that you can do it!

95% Of People QUIT And Give Up Before They Even start.

They listen to well intended people say that so and so tried that and it didn’t work Not Here And Not YOU!

Look, here is why people give up and Quit…

“They don’t have the right information or any idea how to buy or start their own business” Until Now! All you need is the right information and to be motivated to take that next step.

In order to become your own boss, you must change your way of thinking, if you don’t you will stay stuck in that same old 9 to 5 routine.

The new way to think about you being the boss requires that you believe! This is what separates you from the “haves” and the “have-nots” My book will Inspire, Excite and Motivate you to take action!

You will NOT be part of that 95% by following my system and becoming part of my program!

You see, I bought or started 12 different businesses and never once did I use any of my own money! You can do the same thing after you understand my system “Who Wants To Be The Boss?”

I know what you are thinking. Why in the world would someone sell their business for no money down?

I didn’t say they didn’t get any money, I said that you wouldn’t use any of your money as a down payment! Lock up your check book.

Start a Business with No Money Down!

Starting a Business?

What will it be?

Starting a business from scratch or buying an existing business? It’s up to you… Only you can decide whether you will buy an existing business or start from scratch.

I have started 6 different businesses from scratch and acquired 4 existing businesses.

You can own your own business today, even if you are broke! I did it with borrowed credit cards!

I did not use one dime of my own money and today (6 years later) it’s providing me a 6 figure income! If I can do it, anyone can.

Do you have a unique business idea and can’t find too much competition in your area, then go for the start up.

When my wife and I opened our barbecue restaurant (our second business) there was only one other barbecue restaurant in town so we created ours to be better and unique.

Don’t make a decision about starting a business until you have checked out the available businesses for sale.

In the end, the real decision to buy or do a startup is based on your personality.

Can you envision a start up? I think you have to be like an architect, you have to see the bridge or the building completed before it’s built.

Buy Existing?

Wouldn’t it be great to step into an ongoing business and be the BOSS?

You set your salary and your work schedule. Believe it or not, the cost of buying an existing business is usually less that starting a business.

Stand up and be counted. You don’t need to be a slave to your boss any longer

Let’s be real here. Most people will never abandon their nine-to-five, stuck-in-a-mud jobs. They will die that way, broke and bitter.

But you have the chance to be the exception. This is your personal roll call: to break away from the direction that you are headed in, the one filled with long hours, frustration and no money!

Get ready to say “goodbye” to your old life of just getting by, and welcome in a new world – a vastly different one, the one where you will be the boss of your destiny. Every day you will be building your future and your family’s security.

I remember, once, sitting in your seat, when all of this first hit home for me. I remember realizing that I was just an ordinary person in a crowd full of ordinary people, all destined for the same fate. We all had the same broken looks on our faces.

We were all slaves to the system. I knew something would have to give, but I kept going – because.. I had to; I had bills to pay and a family to feed.

All the while, I wondered how it would be to be your own boss and how I would ever scramble to make up for the lost time, to grasp my dreams.

And slowly, I decided that I could never accept anything less than the future I had always desired, the one that had slipped through my fingers and eluded me for so long.

So one day I decided I had had enough, I was fed up making someone else rich and bought my first business while I kept my day job.

If You Can Dream it…You Can Do It.

Self-reliance is the new job.

Self-reliance is the new 401(k). Self-reliance is the new Social Security.

It HAS to be, because all the others could soon be gone. But how do you become “self-reliant”?

What are your options? How can you rely on yourself – how can you build your OWN income streams – when you don’t have experience, a lot of money, or a solid plan?

All good questions. My information below has the answers.

The reasons why you should join www.whowantstobetheboss Membership Site.

1. Stop being stuck in a dead end job

2. Start building your dream

3. Be inspired each week to step out

4. Helps you kill procrastination

5. Helps you overcome fear

6. Helps you step out of your comfort zone

7. Teaches you 16 no money down techniques

8. Today. There has never been a better time to go into your own business.

In the course, every lesson is strategically created in such a way that you’ll see results with the program…

Short and easy to digest.

Includes an assignment to complete.

Builds as you go.

Forces you to succeed long term.

Helps you make real progress.

Each weekly lesson is designed to be ‘to the point’ and immediately actionable.

Join now and see you in the Membership Circle.

Are you ready to be your own boss?

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