Lesson 3

Marketing Plan


Welcome to lesson # 3 Who Wants To Be The Boss? I’m excited to have you as a valued member of our 6-month training program and am looking forward to seeing your own “business” “come to life” over the next few weeks and months.
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2) What’s In Store The First Few Months. I want to give you just a quick look at what we’ll be covering during the first few lessons in your training…

The first month will be the basic steps involved in getting things up and running (don’t fret veterans, I’ve got some “gold nuggets” in these preliminary lessons for you!) and the next month will be advanced strategies for expanding and improving the foundation of your new business.

3) Why You Should Never Cancel. There are many reasons why you should stick with your membership (it’s great training, if you keep quitting one thing and going to another you’ll never get anywhere, even if you don’t use it all now you can archive it to use later, etc.) (I also suggest you get a 3 ring binder and print and save each lesson) but there is an all-important reason that I have to warn you about from the beginning. Each of your lessons is sequential and delivered by autoresponder. That means, if you decide to cancel and rejoin at some point in the future, you’ll have to start all over again with the very

Note: Remember, I teach you “How to start or buy a business with no money down” “Lock up your check book, you won’t need it.”

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Plan and Clarify Your Marketing Direction

Positioning Your Business: It’s important that you do this Q&A.

Here are five key things to consider when developing your positioning (marketing) strategy for your new company.

• Q. What exactly is your Business Solution? That is, how does your service solve a particular problem, alleviate a pain and add value?
• A.

• Q. Who exactly are your potential clients or customers? Where are they; what industry; what size; what needs; what past experience with your kind of service and what buying process?
• A.

• Q. What is your Unique Customer Advantage? That is, what differentiates you from your competitors? What do you do better, different, faster, cheaper, with higher quality or with a different spin? Be specific, not vague.
• A.

• Q. What is your Business Identity? What are the qualities you want to be known by? Is it integrity and dependability or expertise and exclusiveness? You can’t be everything to everybody. Next ask what you are going to do to live up to these qualities.
• A.

•Q. What is your “Phrase that pays?” What words concisely sum up your positioning strategy in a way that is memorable and meaningful, with both style and content?

Packaging Your Services

Here are five key things to consider when developing the packaging strategy for your business.

• Q. Do you have an attractive and appropriate Business Identity Package consisting of a logo or company masthead on a business card, letterhead and envelopes. This is the look for your businesses and needs to express your identity and positioning strategy. Business looking website.
• A.

• Q. Do you have basic marketing materials (or brochure online email) for your business? These materials should include (but not necessarily be limited to): An overview of the problem that you are a solution for; an overview of your solution; a description of your Unique Customer Advantage; a listing of your key customer benefits; a listing of your various services; testimonials from satisfied clients; a listing of clients or client companies; biographies of company principals; information on how to contact your company and how to do business with you; your address, phone, fax and e-mail numbers. Make it easy to do business with you.
• A.

•Q. Have you designed a basic strategy for what services you’ll offer and what the configuration of those services will be? A three day workshop; monthly executive coaching and team building retreats. All of these are packages. They need to be clearly defined and laid out.

•Q. Do you have a basic logistical plan for your business? A plan for the office; office hours; telephone message; signage, etc. All of these simple things convey a marketing image to your prospective clients. Create an identity and then package this identity in everything you do.

•Q. Have you put some attention on your personal package, your personal presentation? Remember the first thing you sell is you! You’re the package. People make a dozen or more assumptions about you and your business in the first few seconds after meeting you in person or talking to you on the phone. Are you walking your talk?

Promoting Your Services

Here are five key things to consider when developing the promotional strategy for your business.

•Q. Be sure to network? For many service businesses, networking is the key promotional technique. Join organizations; get to know people; get involved; keep in touch with people; do what you can to help them; be visible in your community. Give free talks.

•Q. Do you have a good, solid marketing letter that highlights your benefits and moves people to take action? This one inexpensive marketing tool is one of the most powerful when written properly.

•Q. Do you do personal PR such as speaking and writing? Again, these don’t take much money but pay big dividends. Speak at Rotary, your Chamber of Commerce, at business associations and alumni groups. Write for your local paper; the local business journal, or even for someone else’s newsletter. You can use the reprints later for credibility.

•Q. Are you mailing to people on your list? This is an absolute must. Don’t let people forget who you are and how you can help them. At least send clients and prospects a newsletter or other type of keep-in-touch mailing once a month or weekly.

•Q. You must have a Web Site? This is a powerful media that can serve as a combination direct mail piece, brochure and newsletter.

The Persuasion Process

Here are five key things to consider when developing the persuasion strategy for your company.

•Q. Do you have an Audio Logo? Or some might call it an elevator speech. When someone asks, “What do you do?” do you have a concise and powerful solution statement that expresses what you do in a nutshell? (30 seconds) A good format is “I help (who you’re clients are) to (what your solution is).”

•Q. Create a telephone approach scripted out? Whether you get incoming calls or make outgoing calls, you need to have a track to run on that takes the call from interest to action. Script it out. Include questions, comments, stories and closes. You must learn to at least like making Cold Calls! Keep track of every call and what people said.

•Q. Are people enthused in what your business can do for them? They won’t be excited about your business if you’re not! They’ll be much more interested if you’re interested in them first. They don’t care how much you know until you show them how much you care. Find out who your prospects are; their situation; their challenges; their problems; their dreams. And then really listen. Ask questions, lot’s of them. What naturally follows is their interest in what you can do for them. You can listen your way into a sale!

•Q. Do you generate enthusiasm for your services? Nothing generates desire better than success stories about successful projects and enthusiasm. Have them at the ready for over-the-phone or in person meetings.

•Q. Do you wait for people to take action or do you move the action forward? You’ve got to ask; you’ve got to recommend; you’ve got to suggest. However, you don’t need to be pushy or obnoxious. But it can be just as irritating when dealing with a salesperson who never asks for the sale. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Performance in Your Business

Here are five key things to consider when developing the performance strategy for your business.

•Q. Have you found a way to fit marketing into your schedule? Marketing is not a luxury, but a necessity. You must find ways to do a little marketing on an ongoing basis. This may be only a few calls a day and a mailing every week. But you must do it!

•Q. Do you keep track of both your long and short-term goals? (Including marketing projects), and review that list daily? Do you prioritize your projects and work on those first that have the highest payoff? Make your list, prioritize everyday.

•Q. Do you have a way of combating procrastination and delay? There is nothing worse than generating work through effective marketing and then getting behind in the work you have generated. Do not put off today what you can do tomorrow.

•Q. Do you maintain the highest standards of integrity and excellence? Do you under-promise and over-deliver or visa versa? Your clients will judge you, not on what you promise but, on what you actually do. Focus on giving, not getting.

•Q. Are you continually working to improve your skills in all areas of your business? Keep up your reading and education for your core professional skills while expanding your knowledge in other areas. Marketing, selling, negotiation, computer, financial and communication skills are important to your mystery shopping business.

It is important for you to study the Q-questions and A-answers. This will help you build your confidence in your business.

P.S. Don’t forget the personalized coaching positions that are available at www.whowantstobetheboss.com/coaching.html (If nothing else, you may want to take advantage of this for the first month of you learning.)

This Week’s Assignment

1. Fill out your Marketing Plan. Answer every question the best you

2. This is an important lesson in understanding your business idea. Follow the advice that I’ve given in this lesson for each of these simple assignments. I expect that it will take some time to fill this Marketing Plan out. But, I assure you it will be valuable in formation as we walk through our lessons in the next few weeks. You will refer back to this plan many times during your journey to own your own business.

If you want personal coaching, please check this out www.whowantstobetheboss.com/coaching.html

See you next week!

Hold on Tight to Your Dream

Dave Meholovitch

Coming Up Next…

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