21 Day Focus Challenge

21 Day Focus Challenge



Taking action is the hardest part for the majority of people. They know
or at least have a good idea of what they want to do but the idea of just
getting started, can tend to overwhelm them.

The 21 Day Focus Challenge is designed to lift you up and help you clear
that hurdle with room to spare.

For the next 21 days, you will receive an action step. Some of the action
steps have sub-components and will be carried over to the next day for
you to continue working on them.

The reason for not putting a huge action step into a single day
challenge, is simple. Just looking at a huge action step, will stop a lot of
people in their tracks. We don’t want you to stop. It is essential that
you do each challenge, everyday and they are designed in a way, that it
should take you between 20 to 40 minutes, each and everyday.

At the end of 21 days, you will have taken massive action and be fully
focused on what you need to do-in order to have laser focus on all
areas of your life.

There are two ways to complete this challenge. The best way is to edit
this document and type your answers out under each section. You can
then go back and read over what you have written and edit, or come up
with new ideas down the road.

Nothing is set in concrete, so you should be ready to change and adapt.
The second way, is to get a decent size notebook and write your
answers in that. However, this means you would need to refer back to

this document, to refresh your mind as to what each action step was. In
this challenge for simplicity, we will just say “write in your notebook.”

Get ready to start the pathway to being totally focused.

Day 1-Step up your success by writing the statement highlighted below,
at least 25 times, if not more. You need to memorize this statement
because you are going to repeat it every night before you sleep.

“I release all negative energy from my body and mind. I command my
subconscious mind to bring me laser focus on all that I do.”

There is a two-part reason why you need to do this. First up, many
people find it difficult to sleep at night and take over 30 minutes to
finally fall into a restless sleep. Great sleep is essential for focus. By
repeating the phrase over and over until you drift off, you keep your
mind from replaying negative events from the day.

Second reason. Your brain will do as you command, if you command it.
Most people allow their brain to wander here and there and repeat
negative issues. This happens because your subconscious mind believes
that since you think negative, that is what you want, so it gives you
more of what you ask for.

Constantly repeating the phrase every night, will cue your brain to
search and bring into action what you desire. The ability to focus on
what truly matters will become much easier and shortly become a part
of your daily life.

Day 2-Grab a fresh notebook or open a new word document and title it,
21 Focus Challenge. Think about your ability to laser focus on 1 task
for 20-30 minutes before taking a 5-minute break. Then another burst

of 20-30 minutes on the same task. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10. If
you are having a hard time rating yourself, then picture the last major
big task you did for work. Think about how long you worked on it,
before, taking a break, answering a call or checking Facebook.

Now give yourself a rating. Write down everything that caused you to
lose focus. Total it up and circle it.

You need to decrease the amount disruptions to your tasks, so circling
it, you can come back later and see how you are progressing. Look at
your lost focus and decide how to reverse that area. Write down the
steps you can take.

Day 3-Now we make a list of personal and business. In separate
columns, put down, "relationships, health and fitness, business and
finance. If you have others, that is fine put those down too. Under each
column, think about how well you focus in those areas and again, write
down where you stand on a scale of one to ten.

The area with the lowest score is the one you need to fix first. If your
finances score is four of ten for example...this is going to have a major
impact on your relationship and your mental health. Let's get that up to
a ten out ten. Next time, we will look at each area individually and give
you some help on getting results

Day 4-What are you passionate about? Here we ask the question...are
we doing something we would do, even if we didn't get paid? You can
focus on a job that you don’t like or are neutral about, but it is much
harder. The average person would prefer to do a job that they are
passionate about.

It’s time to write down what you are passionate about and how you
could make a living doing it.

You might even boost your income while staying at your old job, while
you evaluate the success of the passionate job. Make a list now. Write
down your current job and then the careers you think that you could be
passionate about.

Then beside each one, rate them on a scale of one to ten. Which job
could you focus 100% on? If your current job is rated four out of ten
and you have a passion for organizing your space and all your families
and friends, that is rated eight out of ten-then it’s time to revisit your
life goals. Determine where you really want to put your focus and
achieve happiness.

Day 5-Relationships. What you can do to focus on your significant other
and improve your relationship? This is super important. If you are not
putting a great deal of focus into your relationship, everything else is
going to suffer too.

Know of anyone in a bad relationship, that is able to focus on their job
and excel? There are not many people that can do that. It’s hard to get
up and at it, when you went to bed really angry at your significant

Rate your current relationship with your significant other on our usual
scale. How happy are you with your rating? If you are feeling
discomfort, then that means you have some work to do. List out the
items that make you unhappy with your partner. Then list out what you
believe your partner would put in their list.

These are the items you need to focus on. For instance, in your list, if
you wrote down that your partner spends four to five hours a night

watching television, while you cannot focus that long on poor quality
programming, then something has to change.

Work on getting your partner to cut down on viewing time and pick
something that you can both engage in.

In your partners list, you wrote that you have your cellphone in your
hand constantly and this is something they talk about, its time to
change. Visit the reason why you are always checking your phone.

Is it serious business or randomly checking to see who is upset with
who on Facebook. Find the time to put your cellphone in another room
and then focus on your partner and engage in meaningful conversation.

Day 6-External family and friends and co-workers in most part are
cooperative and not negative. To be clear, external family means we
are talking about someone other than a spouse or your own children.
This could be a brother, uncle or niece.

There is usually one or perhaps two that do not add value to your life.
Focus on improving relations with those who are borderline and
consider removing those who will continue to have a negative impact
on your focus and energy. Take the time to make three lists. External

Use your scale out of ten to rate each person on the three lists. Now
find the low scoring ones. Those would be the ones who cause you to
lose focus by impacting you with negative words or actions. They might
demand your time because they want to offload their work onto yours.

Everyone has a relative who constantly needs a drive or wants their
kids picked up by someone else. Friends who day in and day bombard
you with the story of how their significant other is ruining their life.

If you are feeling blue frequently, make a list of what you feel may be
causing it. Are you eating properly, exercising, talking out your
frustrations with family or friends? These are your first go-to things to
do when you are blue.

Of course, it never hurts to see your doctor and get some advice.
Explain how you feel and how it hurts your ability to focus on the truly
important things in life.

Day 8-Physical health. Without good physical health it is difficult to
focus. What areas can you improve on?

Make a list of your current exercise items and the amount of time per
day that you spend on it. People like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have
superior focus and goal achieving abilities because of their physical
health. Dwayne starts his serious workout routine at 4:30 am.

Now make notes beside your list of how you can improve. If you wrote
down that you ride your bike for 30 minutes a day, ask yourself how
much did your heart rate increase? Did you sweat? Are your muscles
tired...a good tired that will promote a healthy sleep?

When you note that perhaps you are just easy riding, strive to change
it. Pick a different route with some hills. Or change your speed. Go
slow, sprint, slow down and sprint again.

Do a complete survey of your physical regime now.

Day 9-What are you fueling your body with? Want laser focus? Eat the
right food today.

List out your breakfast, lunch and supper and include the snacks.
Include the beverages. You want mostly water and some fresh
squeezed citrus or vegetable juice in there.

Okay examples of what should be in each list.

For breakfast, we should see something like blueberries or avocados.
For lunch or supper, some fish that is high in fat. Sardines make a great
lunch and fresh mackerel with pineapple is delicious while being
awesome for focus. The snacks need to be nuts or seeds high in omega
3, not potato chips. If these items and more are not on your list, then
cross out the bad stuff and add in all the good food we just mentioned.
Get fueling for focus today.

Day 10-What do you focus on in your business? The so called, failures
or learning to improve from mistakes? Rarely does one have a job
outside the home or as a freelancer, that days go by before you make a
serious blunder. One of the reasons why people make these mistakes in
business, is their lack of focus.

When you rush through a job, you miss items that might be listed in a
contract or write an important sales email and forget to mention a
detail that is highly important in order to get your customers signature.

Dwelling on the mistakes is not the answer. Focus is your correct path.

In your notebook, write out what you consider are mistakes you have
made in business over the last month. Beside that, write, “I forgive
myself.” You need to accept that it happened, forgive yourself for your
errors and focus on creating less mistakes. It will never be perfect.

Now write down, why these mistakes happened? Ask yourself if you
rushed, had too many distractions or didn’t fully understand what was

required? In a high-tech world, if you are not focusing on knowing
everything you can about your subject, then you are putting yourself at

Finally write down what you are going to do, in order to focus and

Day 11-Finance...Are you very loose with your money, have zero focus
on what you spend every day and what money comes into your account
everyday? You need to chart your money. You may not be aware that
you are overspending on coffee, outside lunches; gas when you could
have taken a bus for example.

You also need to chart what you bring in each day. This is especially
true if you are a freelancer. Know your budget and look where to cut.

Your action for today, is to come up with a way to chart your finances.
Use an excel spread sheet or something else.

As well, you need to sit down in a quiet space and go over all your bills.
Quite frankly, if you are not doing this, you are likely being overcharged
for services. You want to be debt free, right? Of course you do. Start
your plan to be debt free today. In your notebook, look at where you
can free money up and put it on your mortgage for starters. Ask
yourself hard questions.

Ask if you really need to have all those cable services, that add up to
$150 or more a month. You get the picture and you can do this.

Focusing on your finances, will free you from money anxiety and

Dave Meholovitch

Rooting For You!


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