30 Rules For Being an Online Marketer

30 Rules For
Being an Online
This list is by no means exhaustive – it's really more the result of
1a brain storming session when I sat down to figure out why some
succeed online while others haven't succeeded. Yet. 🙂
1. You gotta sell something. I've known people who were "in
business" for months, yet hadn't sold a thing. Until you start
selling somebody's product (yours or someone else's,
doesn't matter) you don't have a business.
2. Get into profit as fast as possible. If you're buying traffic,
figure out how to make that traffic pay as soon as humanly
possible. If you're outsourcing work, find a way to make that
work more than pay for itself. Sure it's common sense, but
I've seen a few folks go into serious debt.
3. Make smart investments that pay off. Hiring a coach that
shows you what you need to know is smart – throwing a few
thousand at Adsense is dumb. Investments are sometimes
the fastest way to get your business on the fast track, but
you've got to be smart about them.
24. Turn lookers into buyers as fast as possible. If this means
selling them a $5 ebook, do it.
5. Upsell. Once they buy the $5 ebook, realize they have
greater needs that ebook won't fill, so find a way to fill those
needs and wants and charge more for it.
6. Make it brain dead easy for your customers to sign up. The
harder it is, the fewer customers you will have.
7. Competition in your niche is generally great. No competition
means you're in the wrong niche.
8. Get to know your competitors personally. Send them email,
talk to them on Skype. You'll be surprised how often
competitors can be turned into allies – and the first step is
to say hello.
39. Make a new connection every day. This might be your
competitors, but it could also be people in similar niches,
different niches, affiliates, product owners, etc. Make a list
of people you want to get to know and then start contacting
them with no agenda except seeing if you can help them in
some way.
10.Build a customer list, then create products for them.
Building the product first means you've got no one to sell it
to and puts you at the mercy of affiliates. Building the list
first and getting that list toasty warm to your offer means
you've got sales of your new product (when it launches)
from day one and stats to show potential affiliates that
totally rock.
11.Your customers are not marks or suckers or even fools. And
they're not strangers, either. They're your mother, your
brother, your best friend and your next door neighbor. Think
of them that way and you cannot go wrong.
412.Watch the hype. A little hype in the form of excitement and
enthusiasm is okay if you can back it with evidence. Too
much hype and no one will believe you, even if what you say
is true.
13.Use the element of surprise. When you deliver your
product, add something surprising for the customer. When
you're paying your star affiliates, send them a bonus
surprise – even if it's just a small Amazon certificate. Always
do a little bit more than expected.
14.Treat your active affiliates and JV partners like gold,
because that's what they are.
15.It's okay to screw up. And fail. And feel stupid. And look like
a complete dork on social media. Just learn from your
mistake, apologize and keep moving forward. The only
people who don't fail are those who don't do a thing, and
5you don't want to be one of those.
16.Make a list of the 3 things you MUST get done today. Then
do them.
17.Do the toughest thing first thing in the morning. Whatever
it is – running 5 miles or making that phone call you dread –
get it done first. Then the rest of the day is easier by
18.It's not always fun. Sorry about that, but it's true – having
your own online business means sometimes you have to do
things you don't like. The trick is to suck it up and do it – or
find someone to outsource it to. It's like a journey – to get
to your destination sometimes you have to drive through
neighborhoods or even whole stretches of road that aren't
fun – do it anyway.
19.Lose the negativity. Whether it's someone else tearing you
6or your business down - or your own little monkey mind
telling you why you can't do it - get rid of the negative talk.
20.Automate as much as you humanly can in your business.
The more you automatic and delegate, the more time you
have to work on your business rather than in your business.
21.There are not 16 hours in a workday. Beyond 8 hours at a
computer, your productivity begins to drop dramatically.
After 10 hours you're making mistakes. After 12 hours you
have trouble remembering stuff you know well, and after 14
hours you're pretty much worthless. Rest and sleep are as
important to your business as the work itself.
22.You are not a potato, so get off your rear and get some
exercise everyday or your work will suffer.
23.You know that law of attraction stuff? Surprise, it works.
And it's not complicated – you don't need dozens of books
7and courses to learn it - one good one will do. But you've
got to actively work the law everyday to make it work in
your favor.
24.Cook ideas in your brain. The first thing is to ask the right
question of your subconscious, the second is to continue
asking until you get the answer. I've come up with some of
my best product ideas by letting things simmer on the back
burner of my mind until the answer popped out at the most
unexpected of times.
25.Ideas by themselves are worthless. Anyone can get a great
idea, but it's the person who acts on the idea who makes the
26.Don't fall so in love with your idea that you're not open to
suggestions. That said, know when to listen to the
suggestions and when to simply say thank you and continue
827.Screw the economy. Good times and bad times there is
money to be made, so stop watching the financial news and
go get busy.
28.Treat your business like a business, not a hobby. Make a
work schedule and stick to it. Create goals and timetables
and stick to them. Do what you say you will when you say
you will. This isn't pretend, it's real and your financial future
depends on it.
29.Celebrate your successes – even the tiny ones.
30.If you get bored, sell your business and start a new one.
It's nearly always easier to start a business the second time
Rooting For You!
Dave Meholovitch

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