Reasons why people procrastinate



Subject: Reasons why people procrastinate

Feelings of frustration and anxiety sweep over your body as you race against time to turn in your work assignments each week. You tell yourself you will do better come Monday morning, but alas, you find yourself in the same spot Friday afternoon, missing another deadline leading to yet another two hours of work.

The following are common reasons why you may be procrastinating at work and how you can help solve it:

Zero Passion for Your Work

If you find yourself continually procrastinating at work, then it might be a good idea to re-evaluate why you are there. Ask yourself If you genuinely enjoy the work, feel a deep connection, or could you simply do without? Often, zero passion is a culprit that can cause a ripple effect of problems at work.

Shoddy quality work leading to low-performance reviews, missed deadlines leading to more work for your team, and so forth. When you are not passionate about something, you won't see the importance in getting your work done in time or have the desire to put the hard work into it – thus, leading you to put off the work and procrastinate.

Fear of Poor Performance

The fear of getting the job done in front of co-workers or disappointing your boss is all too real. Someone judging you or the fear of letting someone judge you could be holding you back. If this is the case, reach out to your co-workers or boss and let them know your concerns. You cannot possibly know everything, and communicating your fears can be one easy way to eliminate them.

Your boss and co-workers will love that you have open and honest communication and will likely help somehow – as long as you approach the conversation appropriately by demonstrating you truly want to make sure you do the job correctly, not that you want to slack off.

The Task Is Overwhelming

There are two sides to every story, right? This is no exception. Sometimes, you do understand how to do the project and feel the best to do it on your team; however, it is still hard to and feels overwhelming. When this happens, analyze the tasks required to get your work done and separate them into different types of tasks.

Pick the tasks you enjoy doing for last and then take the tasks you don't like or listed negatively and break them down into even easier jobs. Then get to work, starting on the work you dislike the most. This way, you can get those tasks done quickly if you are low on time.

Hate the Work Required to Get It Finished

Unfortunately, even if you are passionate about your work, there are always going to be things you may not enjoy doing before finishing your job. Try developing a reward system to encourage you to work, or find ways to make it more fun and give yourself breaks after finishing each task.

Procrastinating at work is all too familiar. If you find yourself doing it often, you are not alone. Don't allow it to ruin your career or quality of work. Compare your struggles to these common reasons to see how you can end procrastinating at work.

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