Blogging for Big Bucks

Blogging for Big Bucks

-2-Terms and Conditions LEGAL NOTICE The Publisher has strive to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations are unintentional.In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no guarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their own judgment about their individual circumstances to act accordingly.This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting and finance fields.You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading.
-3-Table Of Contents ForewordChapter 1:Blog Commenting Basics Chapter 2:The Benefits Of Blog Commenting Chapter 3:How To Use Blog Commenting Correctly Chapter 4:Making Money With Blog Commenting Chapter 5:Subscribing And Branding Chapter 6:What To Avoid Wrapping Up
-4-ForewordOne of the best ways to acquire traffic to your site is by commenting on relevant blogs in your niche however as this is one of the best and most preached ways to acquire traffic to a blog it's being abused by so many individuals thereby leading to no results.. So read on to pull traffic.Blogging For Big Bucks Build Massive Traffic With Your Blog
-5-Chapter 1:Blog Commenting Basics Simply put blog commenting is another way of describing comments made on other individual’s blogs. These kinds of comments or notes are usually posted on blogs which the individual has visited and finds interesting enough to take the time to make a comment.
-6-The BackgroundThough a common practice for some, this leaving comments practice, can be made into an exercise or tool for marketing purposes. Perhaps the next time one decides to make a contribution via the commenting style; one should consider the advantages it could bring about in terms of creating an interest in the comment that leads to traffic back to the individual’s site.The blog commenting if done well and with a certain level of respect for other bloggers and their contributions can help form a very fruitful relationship between the various parties involved. When the comments are thoughtful and informative, most would appreciate the effort and time taken to post the comment. Also in doing so, the individual is able to create awareness of his or her own presence within the others who may visit the said site and read the comments. Thus a following can be formed whereby those interested in further exploring the commenter’s other works would then visit the commenter’s site.In actively practicing the habit of leaving and reading comments posted, the individual is also able to broaden his or her own knowledge base. This of course would be very helpful should a query be made on the topic just commented upon where the individual is now
-7-knowledgeable enough to be able to advice or provide a suitable solution.However is the process of making use of the blog commenting as a tool to garner traffic to one’s own site, it should be remembered that there is a necessity to put the URL in the website or URI box and no where else.
-8-Chapter 2:The Benefits Of Blog Commenting Blog comments are really very important to the consistent popularity of any site. This style of commenting can be beneficial to all parties concerned.
-9-How You Benefit The benefits of encouraging blog comments can be positive and far reaching. From the perspective to keeping the site lively and interactive blog comments are the dominant force in producing such an environment. When a site has the constant exchange of comments there will be a steady flow of interest in the site or blog because the people involved in the commenting would want to view the responses to their comments. This also applies to those visitors who are not physically participating in the commenting process, but are only interested in viewing the comments. Therefore the high traffic drawn to the site would be an important benefit.Another benefit would be the links that can be affiliated to the site. As all blogs and website depend on as many links as possible receiving and making comments on blogs would then create the possibility of valuable back links. This of course would depend on the comments and its frequency. With this exchange of links a further audience is reached which translates into a heightened level of traffic flow.
-10-The popularity of the site and the heightened traffic to the site will then attract the search engines to rank the website favorably. This is a feature that most sites work hard to achieve as it speaks on some level about the positive attributes of the site.Another benefit to blog commenting is the further understanding of the sight by others. With all the information being exchanged through the blog commenting process a lot of very important information can be learnt and realized. This kind of information exchange can sometimes be more effective than advertising.
-11-Chapter 3:How To Use Blog Commenting Correctly Serious blog commenting should not be underestimated as an effective tool for marketing strategies. Active posting of comments can and will create a platform for attracting potential visitors attention.
-12-Get A Grip On It Keeping in mind the foremost principal of bringing value to a blog or site is what makes the difference between irresponsible commenting and positive informative commenting. If the exchanges are kept friendly, informative, and accurate then the exercise would prove effective to the site. When embarking on a blog commenting session one must always try to keep the comments professional as this would portray the expertise of the commentator, which in turn would effectively create the traffic flow both in viewership and in others who may want to make comments. The style of commenting done would also establish the individual position within the blogging community. When this acceptance evolves into a platform for the individual’s comments to be actively sought the effectiveness of the exercise would then also make the site a viable and popularly sought link. Basically it all centered around the contents of the comments posted. The better the comments the more effective the draw will be for heightened traffic flow. Being a part of top commenter sites will also be an effective way to ensure interest in one’s own site because of the back links factor. This will automatically be done around sites that already have a loyal
-13-following and any new comer with fresh ideas and view would be very much welcomed if the contributing comments are positive and informative.Trying to keep to a strict routine of making at least five comments a day is encouraged as this would mean the individual is already in possession of a fairly commendable RSS feed list. When these comments build up to a significantly large amount there would be the added advantage of the comments then being visible on the Technocratic profile which would make the site ratings even more effective.

-14-Chapter 4:Making Money With Blog Commenting Certain tools work better than others in specific areas of attracting traffic. Understanding and capitalizing on these features often prove to have very positive results. So it is with blog commenting too, whereby the individual is able to actually make money without having to invest huge monetary incentives.

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