Brad Worthley- Get a Jump on Your Competition

Get a Jump on Your Competition

Many employees are focused on gaining the edge on their business competition, but they also have to think about competition from their peers for the next and best job opportunity on the horizon. If you want a career path that includes a role as a leader (even supervising one person), do not wait until that job is already posted, prepare now! This is the big difference between managers who are reactive and leaders who are proactive.

A proactive leader is looking over the horizon at what could be and putting the gears of motion in effect in order to make things happen. A reactive manager will sit and wait until opportunity rears its head and then throw their hat into the ring with everyone else. BIG mistake! If you want to be a leader, prepare now by reading all the leadership books you can and sign up for online courses on leadership. Subscribe to motivational leadership newsletters, view YouTube videos and become a voracious learner of the craft of leadership. 40% of being a great leader is what you are born with and 60% is learned, so there is no excuse to not start learning now.
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Dave Meholovitch

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