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Write More Effective Ads

Page 2of 2810 Ways to Page 3of 28What is advertising?Is it something to be regarded as a work of beauty or art? Is it clever slogans or amusing prose? Is it workmanship to be judged for an award or recognition?It’s none of the above.Advertising is salesmanship multiplied. Nothing more. And advertising copy, or copywriting, is…

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EZ List Building

EZ List Building How to Build Your First Email List the EZ Way This e-book has been written for information purposes only. Every effort has been made to make this eBook as complete and accurate as possible. However, there may be mistakes in typography or content. Also, this e-book provides information only up to the…

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14IMCHECKLIST.ORG–101 WAYS TO PROFIT FROM PLR Idea #20:Convert PLR picture content packages into slideshows If you have gotten your hands on niche specific PLR picture packages, these are goldmines. They really are. You can easily turn them into a slideshow and you can post this slideshow on your social media accounts, and on slideshow specific…

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5IMCHECKLIST.ORG–101 WAYS TO PROFIT FROM PLR Congratulations if you have purchased new PLR content recently. You have literally saved tons of cash and time and you have also freed yourself from all the hassles of planning and stressing over content creation. If you are looking to attain instant expertise in any kind of niche, you…

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