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Tom Brady is the 5-time Super Bowl winning quarterback of the New England Patriots. His ability to come up big in high pressure moments has earned him the comparison to Joe Montana, one of the best “big game” quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. But it hasn’t been Tom Brady’s passing skills that have…

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Invest in Yourself

Table of Contents Introduction. 1 Identifying Obstacles. 2 Understanding Excuses & Limiting Beliefs. 2 Working Through Excuses & Limiting Beliefs. 3 Negative Meaning. 4 Wait & See. 4 Test The Water 4 It’s Holding You Back. 6 Thought Examination. 6 Seeking Clarity. 7 Habits, Actions, Choices. 7 No More Justifications. 7 No More Blame. 8…

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A Journal

© 2015 SUCCESS. All rights reserved. RECORD OBSERVATIONS AND REACTIONS A journal should also capture your observations and reactions, for somewhere between what we see and what we do will be revealed what we are. Capture on paper the events, the circumstances and happenings of your life. Describe the near miss you had while…

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