Convert More Traffic… …Make MORE Money!

Convert More Traffic...
...Make MORE Money!

One of the high-quality approaches to make more money is via "converting" your traffic into BUYERS!!! ...And the following "Dirty Little Copyrighting Formula" will educate you the way to do simply that!

Table of Contents

Introduction: Welcome to the Dark Side…

PG 3: Dirty mystery #1: Copywriters are Spies

PG 6: Dirty Secret #2: Copywriters Know How to Make Grown Men Cry
-- Fear of Loss

PG 9: Dirty Secret #3: Copywriters Use Magic
-- Attention
-- Interest
-- Desire
-- Action

PG 14: Dirty Secret #4: Copywriters Can Read Your Mind

PG 15: Conclusion: You Have Great Power…

Introduction: Welcome to the Dark Side…

Have you ever encounter a sales page, determined up front you didn’t want the product, but then determined to study the letter besides? And then not 5 minutes later you have been bowled over to discover a Paypal receipt sitting on your electronic mail inbox ….And you’re sitting there with a quite hazy recollection of what just befell.

If that’s in no way occurred to you, just wait. It will. You simply can’t get away the deadly grips of a professional copywriter.

Think about it for a second. Have you noticed how a lot interest is given to “consumer’s remorse” within the marketing field? Just because the name implies, this is when consumers second-guess their buying selection, and perhaps sense bad about it. This regret can without difficulty cause a refund request.

So why would a consumer ever purchase some thing they’re no longer even really inquisitive about, or some thing too luxurious, or some thing with the intention to otherwise cause them to regret their shopping for choice? That’s simple: a slick copywriter grabbed them via the throat, dragged them down to the order button, and nearly forced them to buy.

It’s like waking up next to a person in mattress, and wondering who she is and how she got there. It’s the “morning after” remorse one feels when the excitement of the night time is over and the thrill has worn off.

Indeed, a copywriter could make a prospect feel a touch drugged …a little buzzed …and a touch high. And not simplest can a skilled copywriter do it – he’ll do it on motive. He’ll make the client consider she’s head over heels in love with the product and that she ought to have it – now. He’ll toy along with her emotions like a cat playing with a semi-aware mouse.

And when it’s all over she’ll be left thinking simply precisely how he seduced her so absolutely.

Would you want to analyze these dirty hints too? Then read on…

Dirty Secret #1: Copywriters Are Spies

You won't catch the copywriters going through your trash or rifling via the name of the game drawers in your private home, however you can bet you’re nevertheless being spied on.

Marketers are gathering facts to your computer to discover approximately your shopping for conduct. Copywriters are infiltrating your clubs and corporations to discover what makes you so passionate. They’re going undercover on forums and blogs, eavesdropping for your conversations. Sometimes you may even deliver them permission to spy on you, as the case is probably if you agree to finish a survey.

If you want to be an expert copywriter, then you definately want to do the same aspect.

You see, it’s not enough with a purpose to know a aspect or two about your purchaser. You can’t just skim the floor and count on to be an effective copywriter and income individual. Instead, you need to get inner your customer’s heads. You want to get to understand them. You need with the intention to draw up a complete profile of your ideal client, from her age to how a whole lot money she makes to what she eats for breakfast within the morning.

And don’t forestall once you know all of the demographics. You want to dig in deep to find out what motivates your buyers. You want to understand what’s critical to them.

Let’s assume you’re a car sales man or woman, and you see a person taking walks onto your lot. Do you make assumptions approximately them and start declaring the functions of the closest automobile? Of course no longer. You need to find out what’s essential to this man or woman, after which promote the automobile based totally on their wants and needs.

If your consumer is a young male who desires to provoke girls, you don’t pull him over to the Volvos and communicate about safety features. That’s no longer crucial to him. Looks and pace are at the top of his list, no longer protection and reliability.

Likewise, if the stereotypical “soccer mom” comes onto your lot and tells you she needs a vehicle to chauffeur the kids around in, you don’t show her the two-seater sports activities motors.

Now here’s in which profiling is available in beneficial. Sometimes a person doesn’t have to mention a word and you may get a experience for the kind of vehicle they might be inquisitive about.

For example, consider a younger man or woman sporting informal, nearly “hippie-kind” clothes. She’s skinny, fit and tan, obviously a person who enjoys being outside trekking and so on. Her t-shirt proudly broadcasts she’s a member of PETA (humans for the moral treatment of animals), which gives you a pretty good concept that she’s probable a vegetarian too.

What does any of this ought to do along with her buying a car?

For starters, it approach you’ll probably be directing her to greater of the “green” gas-green cars like the hybrids. She appears to take heed to animal rights, because of this there’s an amazing risk she has environmental cognizance.

Secondly, you'll make sure you do not show her a vehicle with actual leather seats, as you will now not most effective speedy offend and horrify her, she will be able to probably straight away go away your lot due to your insensitivity. She possibly doesn’t eat meat, so asking her to sit down on a useless animal every day will obviously disgust her.

So you could see by using this situation that understanding a little bit approximately a person – profiling them and moving into their head – will assist you be a more powerful copywriter.

That’s why it’s so critical in an effort to find out the entirety you may approximately your goal market. Don’t simply stop on the demographics, but dig down. What do they do in their unfastened time? What subject matter of communique should they communicate about for hours? What do they spend their money on? What pains them? What gives them pride? What groups do they belong to? What are their largest issues and their biggest proceedings?

If you don’t recognize the solution to these questions, then find out. While you could do some marketplace studies (which includes accomplishing a survey or reading facts accrued with the aid of other marketers), a number of the great studies you can do is to infiltrate the goal market.

Go dangle out where you target marketplace hangs out – on line and offline – and start speaking to them. If your target market consists of young males age sixteen-24 who elevate weights as a minimum 3 times according to week, then visit the gym and find out what motivates them. If your marketplace consists of senior citizens, then get your self in your network senior citizen center.

You may additionally speak to other entrepreneurs who serve your niche. For example, talk to the gymnasium proprietors or the bodybuilding complement sellers to discover their opinions on the market.

Get on-line and visit blogs and boards wherein your marketplace is actively discussing issues vital to them. Eavesdrop all you want …and perhaps even grow to be a member and thoughtfully be a part of the discussions. Ask questions. Dig for answers.

You can also cheat by letting other entrepreneurs do all the work for you. For instance, study the area of interest newspapers, magazines, web websites, and other guides run with the aid of successful, nicely-funded agencies. They’ve possibly already done their marketplace research, so that they probable recognise what problems are crucial in your marketplace.

Suppose you wanted to study a bit extra about senior residents. You should read the AARP web website online, which covers all kinds of problems essential to seniors. And on the grounds that they’re a well-mounted business enterprise, there’s an excellent hazard they’ve poured tons of money into uncovering what their market want and desires.

You can also read a number of the long-going for walks commercials and other income copy in your niche. If you’ve seen the same ad going for walks for months or maybe even years, chances are it really works. Study the copy. Figure out why it really works. Put it to your swipe record to apply as inspiration.

Bonus Dirty Copywriting Trick: Copywriters inspire swiping! The starting copywriter would possibly assume we’re speaking about outright stealing, however that’s without a doubt no longer the case. Besides, who wants to get busted for copyright infringement?

Instead, accurate copywriters swipe for concept. When they see a killer headline, they positioned it of their “swipe file.” When they see a properly-worded guarantee or an incredible p.S., into the swipe report it goes. Interesting bullets? Swipe! Sometimes they throw complete sales letters into their swipe document.

The reason you see similar headlines throughout exceptional niches is due to the fact copywriters are swiping from each different and using those swipes to inspire their own income letters. They also swipe from traditional sales letters. For instance, headlines that begin with “Who Else Wants to…” are swiped from conventional ads.

Go beforehand, start a swipe record. And the next time you’re caught on developing simply the proper headline, start reading thru your headline swipes for concept. Don’t reproduction. Just get inspired.

Dirty Secret #2: Copywriters Know How to Make Grown Men Cry

Not simplest can copywriters make grown men cry, they are able to lead them to quiver in their boots like little faculty women. Are they doing it on purpose? You guess they may be.

You see, a terrific copywriter is aware of that human beings purchase based totally on emotion, after which justify the acquisition with common sense. That method a very good copywriter’s goal is to make the buyers FEEL some thing. If they don’t experience whatever, the chances of them disposing of their credit card are slender.

So how can you operate this grimy mystery in your benefit?

If you’ve already followed up on the primary mystery in this document, then you definitely recognize what motivates your customer. You recognize where her warm buttons are. Now it’s just a rely of pushing them.

Your activity is to make her sense the depths of her ache, her humiliations, her disasters and her shortcomings …and then seize her from these sullen depths to expose her that your product is the “treatment.” Your product paves the way to her triumphs, her smiles, her best days.

In that experience, you may see which you are not simply selling a product in any respect. You’re selling a way of existence, a wish, a hope, a dream, a sense …or even simply a bit of leisure. The product is sincerely secondary.

Consider a product like perfume. What are you without a doubt selling to a woman when you’re selling fragrance? Certainly not a heady scent, that’s for certain. And clearly no longer any sort of “hygienic” product.

Instead, you’re promoting sexual seduction in a bottle. The female who’s reading about this fragrance isn’t mainly inquisitive about the ingredients …and that specialize in elements might bore her to tears. But if you may get her to assume carrying this fragrance and turning heads of good-looking gentleman, you’ll have her eating out of the palm of her hand.

For affirmation – or to get a better idea of the way that is achieved – you want simplest observe some of the present day fragrance advertisements. They’re complete of mystery and seduction and flirtatious glances. The female wearing this perfume is the maximum captivating woman within the world …and she draws the most good-looking, seductive men.

That’s what you’re selling – seduction, charm, thriller. A feeling. A sidewise glance. Hearts pounding. Your breath hurries up. A hand brushing on your thigh, sending shivers through your body.

See what I mean? People don’t purchase merchandise. They buy emotions, hopes, goals, leisure, and different intangibles.

Now think in preference to perfume you were selling a weight loss product. You can start out your sales letter reminding her of her humiliations approximately her weight, along with being capable of pass at the fair experience due to the fact she was too heavy, or being ridiculed within the locker room after gym magnificence in high faculty.

Then you could take her emotions the other manner, and display her how your weight loss product will enhance her lifestyles. Now you have got her imagining the jealous glances from other girls, the joy of becoming into high-priced Parisian designer apparel, the jaw-losing appearance of disbelief from an antique flame whose lust is obviously transparent.

And so all over again you’re the usage of her emotions to get to her. You made her feel the ache of being overweight, and then you definitely made her imagine the joy of being horny and appealing. And the most effective bridge she needs to cross to head from despair to ecstasy is through shopping your product.

Fear of Loss

In addition to evoking emotion surrounding the customer’s ache and the delight the product will bring, a skilled copywriter additionally works to make sure the purchaser is scared she received’t be able to order the product. In other phrases: just for the time being that the purchaser is quite sure she needs the product, the copywriter scares the bediddles out of her and creates a fear of loss.

Why might a copywriter scare someone simply before they’re approximately to buy?

Simple: due to the fact if the purchaser isn’t scared she’ll omit out at the product, then there’s no feel of urgency to shop for it. That way she would possibly set it aside with the goal to shop for it later.

But a-ha, I’m sure you recognize what takes place subsequent. If she units it aside, she should thoroughly forget approximately. Certainly all that emotion the copywriter stirred up will fade away, leaving the buyer to consider the product from a logical, rational perspective.

At this point the prospect can honestly speak herself out of the purchase. Since the feelings faded hours ago (and since she hasn’t re-study the sales letter), now it’s just her good judgment speakme. And her good judgment is pronouncing the product is simply too highly-priced, or that she doesn’t need it, or any wide variety of motives.

Maybe part of her still wants it. But the longer she sits in this decision, the much less probable it's miles she’ll don't forget to return to the sales letter and order it. Copywriters know this, that's why they pull out all the stops to get prospects to buy BEFORE they go away the income web page.

So how will you create this urgency and fear of loss?

One manner to do it's miles to place a few form of problem on the variety of copies of your product being bought. For example, perhaps only 500 slots are to be had.

Of route in case your plan is to sell this product in endless numbers, that gained’t paintings. In that case, you may recall presenting an advantage to a limited quantity of shoppers. For instance, handiest the first 500 folks who buy now will get your distinctive, very treasured bonus.

Or if you’d as an alternative not create a restricted bonus, you may as an alternative offer a reduction to early consumers. Or do both – offer a reduction and bonus to the first X wide variety of shoppers who order.

Instead of putting bodily barriers to create a feel of urgency, you can offer time barriers. For instance, the product may also best be available available on the market for some weeks or few months. Or a bonus is handiest to be had in the course of release week, and introductory pricing is best top via this night.

Obviously the extra urgent you make your provide, the more likely it is a person can have that worry of loss. So a purchaser who knows there are three hundred copies left receiver experience that identical experience of urgency as the buyer who realizes there are simplest three copies left.

You can also play into consumer fear on the cease of a sales letter through displaying them the consequences of not shopping for immediately. For instance, if they purchase now they can be one of the first to personal this specific product (this tactic works in particular nicely for ego-power clients and early-adopters).

You could make conformists worry that they’ll be ridiculed or by some means lag behind if they don’t get the product (e.G., “all your pals can have washboard abs at the seaside this summer season …and you may too. But if you don’t get this product now, you’re destined to be categorized the “humorous fat man” once more this year…”).

In short: scare your prospects into buying proper now.

Dirty Secret #three: Copywriters Use Magic

Most copywriters use formulation that paintings like magic. These formulation are surpassed down from technology to generation – and that they’ve constantly worked, from the primary sales replica in print newspapers, to the income letters you notice on-line today.

To grasp a number of this magic for yourself, all you need to do is memorize “AIDA,” which stands for interest, interest, desire and motion. This is the simple formula you wrap your income letter round …from the top where you get your reader’s attention, proper all the way down to the bottom in which you get them to take action by way of buying your wares.

Let’s undergo the components of the everyday sales letter and how they relate to AIDA…


First off you've got your headline at the pinnacle of your sales letter, typically bold and in huge font, and in citation marks (sure, the prices tend to boom conversions – test it your self and see!). Just primarily based at the emphasis, you realize the headline is the maximum critical a part of the complete sales letter. Indeed, in case you don’t get your headline right, your conversions suffer significantly.

The headline’s job is straightforward: to get your goal marketplace’s interest. You needn’t promote them on this short headline. All you have to do is attract their attention. Your headline need to say “hey, look at me! I bet you need to preserve studying!”

How does the headline accomplish this? By creating a large promise (i.E., promising a advantage) if the possibility keeps analyzing. And preferably the headline must no longer simplest entice interest, however pique interest as well.

Once again, if you’ve followed up on secret primary (profiling your marketplace), then you definitely already realize what’s important to them. You already recognize what they might keep in mind the most important gain of your product. This is what you ought to nation to your headline.


Now that you’ve grabbed their attention, you need to tug them into your reproduction by means of their blouse collar. You want to seize and keep their hobby. This is what you’ll accomplish within the starting paragraphs of your copy.

It’s in these lines that the sneaky copywriter starts off evolved playing with the reader like a cat stalking it’s prey. At the pinnacle of the sales letter you become aware of with the reader, telling her you understand her ache …and then pull her in in order that she’s experiencing it too. One precise manner to do that is by means of telling an emotionally weighted down tale in which the reader can effortlessly photo herself in the starring function.


As noted before, once you’ve agitated some thing problem she has by way of encouraging her to assume her ache, then you definitely rescue her. This is wherein the letter turns from getting her hobby to stoking her preference. Indeed, whilst you display her that your product can deliver her from her ache, and while she can imagine the emotions she’ll experience the use of your product, you’ve correctly stoked her preference.

It’s as if her logical mind nearly shuts down, and he or she’s jogging purely on emotion. If you’ve completed your task, she’s now not considering your copy, and she’s not even honestly thinking about the product. Instead, she’s considering the advantages she’ll receive whilst she uses your product, and all of the emotions connected to the ones benefits.

And that’s an vital element… even as your product is probable complete of features, maximum potentialities are mainly interested by advantages. That method you can’t listing the features of your product and ask shoppers to make the logical soar that interprets those capabilities into benefits. You want to do that. And now not handiest list the benefits, but listing the final results of these blessings, too. Let me give an explanation for…

Let’s think you’re selling a dog bed, and certainly one of its features is that it has a canvas cowl. Perhaps that doesn’t imply lots till you provide an explanation for the gain of the cover – namely, that it makes the mattress long lasting and protects towards canine nails and dogs who want to chunk. The outcome is a bed that lasts longer -- as a result saving the client cash from no longer having to shop for a brand new mattress every few months.

Another instance: run and clutch a bottle of shampoo. See all those crazy ingredients that you can’t pronounce? The ingredients themselves are functions of the shampoo. However, the benefits are what those components virtually DO – inclusive of make your hair softer, extra doable, and shiny. And of direction all of that interprets into the final results of the consumer becoming greater appealing and sexy.

So how do you speak approximately functions, blessings and consequences on your income letter? Since this is such an vital part of the sales letter – indeed, it’s the place in which you cinch the reader’s preference in your product and compel them to take their credit score card out – you want to draw massive interest to the blessings. And the easiest way to do this is to draw out all the benefits in a bulleted list.

Now when you make your bulleted listing, the best manner to do it's far to list a feature, state it’s gain …and if feasible, arouse a few curiosity at the same time. For example, a bulleted announcement for a cooking ebook may appearance some thing like this: “Now you may find out the secret ingredient French cooks use to make meat so gentle it falls apart – watch your dinner guests’ eyes light up!”

The function of this ebook is that it famous a mystery component. The benefit is that this ingredient makes meat gentle …and past that, the outcome is that you’ll pride your dinner guests.


Up until now the professional copywriter has been gently molding the reader to a certain line of thinking. He’s taken her from interest to hobby to desire. Now at last we come to the near of the letter wherein the copywriter locations a name to movement.

Sure, there can be a few other capabilities alongside the manner in the letter. For instance, the copywriter takes the danger off the reader by created a properly-worded assure coverage (that is referred to as danger reversal). He’s already presented the product as a knight in shining armor rescuing the reader, and now the assure is like placing a protecting arm across the reader and announcing, “don’t worry, you’re safe with me.”

Do this proper, and it’s any other emotional experience for the reader, in which she feels soothed and secure.

Now it’s time to close the deal. In the previous couple of paragraphs of your income letter you’ll near the deal by means of reiterating all the benefits, after which telling the reader the charge of the product. But don’t simply blurt the fee out after you’ve reconfirmed her preference for the product. Instead, take it to the bottom possible rate.

For example, permit’s assume you’re selling twelve months memberships into your content material website for $197. Two hundred smackers might sound like loads. But if this is a 12 months-lengthy club, then you may as a substitute factor out that the price is fifty four cents per day.

Suddenly that’s a whole lot less difficult to justify within the prospect’s mind. Fifty four cents a day seems like peanuts. All she has to do is get a small latte instead of a big latte each morning, and she or he greater than saves sufficient to cowl the fee. Heck, if she rummages around beneath her couch cushions right now, she’ll likely find that 54 cents.

Now that the prospect wants your product so horrific she will taste it, AND she’s justified the fee in her thoughts, it’s time to close the deal. And that means you want to tell the reader precisely what you want her to do. If you need her to decide-in for your publication listing, then inform her exactly a way to do it. If your income letter is for a product, then tell her exactly a way to order the product – and tell her to do it proper now (add in a worry of loss together with restricted availability for better results).

Here’s a dirty copyrighting trick: count on the sale. That’s proper, with every line of your sales letter, you must be writing as if the buyer has already made the decision to buy.

For instance, don’t be wishy-washy by saying such things as, “if you want to reserve.” That’s vulnerable! Remember, your prospect wants to be led by using a assured leader …and also you ought to be assuming the sale. So in preference to weakly whispering “in case you need to order right here’s a way to do it,” you could proudly command, “Order proper now with the aid of clicking right here!”

As loopy as it appears, you need to be as express as viable. Don’t expect that the reader knows sufficient to click the order button whilst she’s equipped to order. Tell her to click on it, and tell her to click on it now. Be assured and lead her proper to the order button.

And even though this is additionally glaringly obvious, we need to nation it besides seeing that people nevertheless get it incorrect: make the ordering process clean! Don’t make the purchaser be required to sign up simply to order. Use a simple interface in case you’re the usage of a purchasing cart. Don’t make her bounce via hoops. Indeed, every time possible use a fee processor that lots of people are familiar with, which include Paypal.

Finally, you want to sign your letter and end with as a minimum one “p.S.”

Tips from the Pro’s: Ok, copywriters recognize their potentialities aren’t silly. And but you’ll see that even on-line, sales letters tend to be signed with a handwriting-kind font, generally in blue. In different words, it looks as if someone got here alongside and signed the letter with a pen.

Totally stupid, right? Maybe. But it really works. It makes the letter appear extra personable. Go beforehand and test it yourself – you’ll see.

The “p.S.” is another crucial a part of your letter, perhaps 2d most effective to the headline. And that’s because there are skimmers accessible who look on the headline, allow their eyes crumple the web page (taking in all subheadlines as they do it), and cross straight to the lowest of the web page. It’s like they visit the bottom to get the “backside line.”

And that’s what your p.S. Can do – it is able to supply reader’s the “backside line” with the aid of reiterating certainly one of the biggest benefits of your product. You have to also use that space to make another name to motion. That manner skimmers will no longer most effective trap every other gain, they’ll realize in which and the way to order.

Formula Magic Summary: Easy, isn’t it? AIDA – attention, interest, preference and motion is the almost magic method that copywriters have used practically for the reason that first sales letter turned into penned. This easy method is wrapped inside the elements of a regular sales letter -- your headline, your frame reproduction, your bulleted blessings list, your close and your P.S.

Now occasionally beginning copywriters say, “I’m not a conformist! To heck with that – you can see me spewing out a few old and worn-out formula!”

So they try to reinvent the wheel. They don’t write sales letters, however alternatively use descriptive paragraphs. They don’t evoke emotion so as now not to seem manipulative and seductive. They refuse to apply AIDA as it seems so …nicely, formulaic.

But wait. A few weeks, maybe a few months later they come crawling back to the standby sales letter and the AIDA system. They couldn’t make it in sales without AIDA. Let’s face it, she grants almost each time.

Be appropriate to AIDA, and she or he’ll be appropriate to you.

Dirty Copyrighting Secret #four: Copywriters Can Read Your Mind

A face-to-face income character has the luxurious of an interactive surroundings. A prospect can ask questions, and the sales person can solution. The skilled income individual watches the chance’s frame language. Is she crossing her fingers as though being guarded. Did that last gain noted make her eyes mild up?

As a copywriter you don’t have that luxurious. You can’t answer her questions without placing a few form of postpone on the method (e.G., which includes by means of having her electronic mail you or call you). And in reality you could’t watch her body language and facial expressions to use as a gauge of ways nicely you’re doing promoting this product to you.

Instead, you want a good way to read her mind. You want to get internal her head and assume like her. You want to be able to answer her objections precisely in the interim she thinks of them.

Again, all of it is going again to mystery number one – profiling. If you’ve profiled her, you’re already inside her head. You realize what makes her tick, what motivates her, and what scares her. You understand what troubles are important to her …and via extension you understand what problems she’ll deliver up concerning your product.

And in case you’re nevertheless now not sure, then you definitely want to find out.

For starters, ask individuals of your goal market to study your income letter. Give them the product for free if they’ll evaluation it for you. Ask them what questions they've after reading it. Would they be compelled to shop for? What might stop them from shopping for? What points get them fired up approximately the product?

You may additionally considering “pitching” your product to participants of your target market in man or woman (alternatively of having them read a sales letter). This is practice before you ever pen the letter. What objections do they increase?

You can also survey your actual prospects. For instance, submit a survey on your website that simplest will become seen when a person is exiting your web page. Ask them why they didn’t purchase. Don’t use more than one desire, as that’s too constricting (why ask if you think you understand the solution?). Instead, use open-ended, fill-in-the-blank questions.

Make it easy and brief in order that they’ll solution. Maybe offer them a loose record in alternate for his or her minutes of time. Certainly it’s really worth it to you to realize why humans aren’t shopping for, and what it's far approximately your offering that they’re objecting to.

For example, possibly you've got the general public of potentialities pronouncing your product is “too high-priced.” But is it simply? Maybe, maybe no longer. Perhaps you just didn’t do a good activity of expressing the blessings – in other phrases, human beings aren’t coming far from your letter with excessive perceived value and they can’t justify the price. If you know you’re providing humans a good deal, then your sales letter desires to expose it.

Or possibly people are worried about how long the product will final. If so, you want to now not only pump up the advantages related to sturdiness, you also need to emphasis your stable assure.

Reading people’s minds means easing their thoughts whilst the herbal skepticism pops up. If you’ve simply made a bold declare on your sales letter, you may wager your reader is announcing, “yeah right.” Doesn’t take a mind reader to recognize what as it’s common feel.

The solution? At the moment wherein your reader is saying “yeah, right” provide evidence. Do you have got a video or screenshot for proof? Testimonials from unbiased 1/3 parties additionally paintings as a incredible manner to interrupt down any objections. After all, the reader expects you to reward your product up one aspect of your letter and down the alternative. But while an unbiased 0.33 party offers a sparkling testimonial, that serves as evidence that your claims are reliable.

Conclusion: You Have Great Power…

Now you already know some of the satisfactory-saved grimy secrets of the professional copywriters. You understand how to profile. You recognize a way to play along with your reader’s emotions, and would your prospect masterfully in your manner of thinking. You’re the seductress, the magician, the pickpocket …the puppet master pulling the strings. You have strength past belief.

Harness these secrets and techniques, follow them – and your words will convince, sell and make you money…bringing YOU the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
Rooting For You!
Dave Meholovitch
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