I am Rooting for You!

I've had several mentors in my online career (Plus a LOT of coaches for various topics I wanted to improve in)

And one Mentor had this saying...

"Procrastination is the disease of the poor"

Some think procrastination is because people want to make things perfect before they do something.

Such as launch or start a business


I think a BIG part of procrastination is caused by fear.

Fear of failure, therefore I'll put off doing the things I need to

Fear of ridicule from others, therefore if I don't start I can't be made fun of.

Spoiler alert...

I'd rather people make fun of me for trying and failing, than not having the guts to try at all!

For some it is actually fear of success... what do I do if all these order come in?

If you've been procrastinating, for whatever reason, to start your online business

Then I recommend you read this page again and do EVERYTHING needed to take part

part in your success.  I am rooting for you!

Dare to Dream

Dave Meholovitch


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