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When someone tells you it can’t be done, chances are you’ve got a winner. In fact when friends and relatives tell you it can’t be done, the more likely you have a winner. That usually means you know something they don’t know. These people mean well and want you to be successful, but they don’t clearly understand your goals and when we don’t understand something we tend to be against it. I hope this book will help give you the courage and insight to go for your dream. I believe you have two choices; one, to build someone else’s dream or two, to build your own dream! According to a government survey, 9 of every 10 Americans say they would like to own a business and be their own boss... if only they could afford to either start or buy a business. In this book you are going to learn the secrets and the unreasonable techniques that have helped many, including myself, to participate in the American dream of owning your own business.

“Who Wants To Be The Boss?” Secrets of Buying or Starting Your Own Business Today without Using Your Own Money will walk you through the steps and give you the needed confidence to step out to acquire a profitable business with no money down! It shows you powerful strategies and techniques you can use today to buy a business without using any of your own money. You won’t find a lot of theory or philosophy, because this is truly a how to book. There are many books published every year on starting or buying businesses, and oddly enough almost all of them are written by professors, C.P.A.’s, attorneys or corporate CEO’s who never suggest the idea that you can buy a business with no money down! They will show you the conventional way to borrow from a bank or work with venture capitalists that end up owning you and your business. In point of fact, there are more opportunities for smart, aggressive, persevering people to own their own business today with no money down than ever before in history. There is no law, no rule or penalty, that says you must play the game the way everyone else does. You will learn the unreasonable way to play the game of buying a business with your own set of rules.

I have personally built or bought 12 different businesses and not once did I use my own money for the down payments. A couple of these businesses actually paid me money. You don’t need cash. The best thing you can do is lock up your checkbook. If you can’t swing the leverage deal on someone else’s money, you have the wrong deal. You’ll learn 16 different insider-financing techniques to structure your purchase without using one dime of your own money. You’ll learn how I built and owned five different businesses in a regional shopping mall with the landlord’s money and had cash left over. You have to be patient.

Your goal is to buy a business with no money down. You may have to make offers on 15 or 20 businesses, so what! You’ll be learning something from each deal. No money down does not mean the Seller receives no down payment at closing. It means the down payment comes from somewhere else. Imagine if you were to approach a seller with, “I want to buy your business, but I don’t have any money to put down. ” He would say, “Sure friend in your best dream! ” How many businesses have you seen advertised for no money down?

In this book I will teach you the right approach to find businesses for sale that aren’t for sale, that you really want to own. Also, how to properly investigate the real financial strength of a business and how to reconstruct the business financial records to enable you to determine the worth of the business and its true market value to you. Believe me, every Seller has his dream price, which is over-priced, and a real price. You have to dig deep and be a little unreasonable to find the real price. Plus, you will need to learn successful negotiating strategies, tactics, techniques, and how to handle closing and eliminate risks that might prevent you from remaining friends with the Seller.

Over the years I’ve talked with hundreds of people about buying a business without putting down any of their own money. Most of them were skeptical at first. I will share actual stories. Why would anyone sell their business without receiving all their money at the time of closing? Well, I can tell you first hand that it happens every day. All you need is a motivated Seller and a motivated Buyer and the strategies and techniques you’ll find in this book. Anything is possible when both parties are motivated.

You must have patience, persistence, perseverance and the mind set that you can do it! Another thing, make friends with the Seller on your first contact, whether it be on the telephone or in person. Remember, the first impression theory works here. After all, the Seller and you will become business partners and he must have faith in you to trust his business with you. You must be able to walk away if the deal isn’t right for you. I will cover this in one of the chapters. You just go on to the next deal; never get attached to a deal too early; wait until the deal is done. In this book, you will find success stories, strategies and actual deals of transfers of businesses to real people who wanted to be the boss. I hope this book will inspire you to stick your neck out and go for your dream. “Remember, the turtle can’t get ahead, until he sticks his neck out”.

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