Invest In Yourself – Identify What Hold You Back

Invest In Yourself – Identify What Hold You Back

Are you where you want to be in life? If not, what is holding you back? Identifying what is holding you back from success is a crucial component of investing in yourself.
Based on a study in the Universal Journal of Educational Research, the two of the biggest fears people face are fear of starting a behavior and fear of maintaining a behavior. These two fears can hold you back from investing in yourself by making changes, doing things differently, and overcoming obstacles. If you fear taking a step in a new direction, that fear can hold you back from accomplishing your goals.
Overcoming fear requires courage. According to a study in the journal Behavioral Therapy, courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to persevere despite the presence of fear. Courage allows people to do things they are afraid of personally, even if others don’t find the situation fearful. You can talk yourself out of moving forward because of your fears.
Other common fears that hold you back include:
• Failure
• Lack of Confidence
• Being Found Out
• Results
Fear of failure can keep you from even trying to invest in yourself. Lack of confidence and low self-esteem undermine your goals and desire to make changes. Henry Ford, the automaker and business leader, said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” A lack of belief in yourself may be holding you back.
You may have accomplished some level of success in your life. But if you fear that others will find out you don’t know or can’t do everything, that fear can hold you back from going to the next level. Fears about failure and your lack of abilities can lead to fearing the results of investing in yourself. If you are worried that you can’t accomplish your goals and others will think less of you, you will not take the necessary steps forward.
Harmful Habits
Over time, you can develop harmful habits that hold you back. While these habits may have been useful at some point, they may not be useful now. Identifying harmful habits is an essential step in investing in yourself.
Common harmful habits may include:
• Seeking Approval
• Having Undefined Goals
• Procrastination
• Distractions
• Perfectionism
• Neglecting Your Health
When you are collaborating with others, seeking their approval is part of the process. But not every decision you make requires group consensus. Sometimes it’s important to stand on your own. Always seeking others’ approval when you can and should move forward yourself can hold you back from success.
If you don’t have well-defined goals, you will have difficulty moving forward. Undefined goals hold you back because you don’t have a clear path to follow. Distractions also hold you back. A study published in the People, Ideas and Things Journal states that multi-tasking and distractions can keep people from realizing their full potential.
Perfection is another harmful habit that holds you back. Making changes can require trial and error. Perfectionists often refuse to try something new because they aren’t comfortable not being skilled at it.
Neglecting your health can also hold you back. To perform at a healthy mental and emotional level, you also need to be at a healthy psychical level. The results of neglecting your health may include:
 Fatigue
 Lack of motivation
 Worry
 Time spent being sick
Chronic illness can cause fatigue and lack of motivation that makes it difficult to strive to get ahead. Worrying about your health shifts your attention from better pursuits. The time you spend being sick can decrease the time you have to focus on investing in yourself.
If you invest in yourself by identifying what holds you back, you need to consider your fears and harmful habits. What is stopping you from reaching your goals?
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