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You Are The Conductor
Employees are looking at you to determine their behavior, whether you like it or not. You are the conductor and they will take their cues from you, so you must be vigilant about your behavior and energy level. When you step into your office or into your employee’s world, it should be “Lights – Camera – Action” and your posture should become powerful and your energy level should increase. If they ask how you are today, the response should be “Fabulous!” You set the pace, so even if you are not feeling full of energy, make them believe that you are.
Avoid Personal Attacks
When you are giving constructive feedback to employees, make sure that you are identifying the behavior that you want to correct, and direct your feedback at the issue and not the person. Imagine the employee holding the “issue” that you want to correct in their right hand at arms-length from their body. Think about how you can verbalize your feedback so that it sounds like you are talking about the “issue” that they are holding, and not them personally. You want to make sure the employee feels emotionally safe from attack, but you want to provide them with some constructive feedback about how they can improve their performance. Here is an example: “Brad, you are a very good employee and know your job well. However, may we talk about how you handled the angry customer that just walked out the door?” In this case, you are letting them know that they are good person and good employee, but there may be opportunity to develop their service skills. .
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