Post-purchase Interactions: The Key To Customer Delight

Learning about post-purchase interactions is not rocket science. Just how you manage to interact across all touchpoints in your marketing channels, website, etc in the pre-purchase phase, you need to interact with the customers about everything regarding their orders in order to get their delivery experience right and improve customer delight.  

However, many businesses unwittingly overlook the importance of the post-purchase phase as they often consider their job done once the package has been handed off to the shipping carrier. 

Some customers may get satisfied with the delivery experience, when it is in the control of the shipping carrier. However, it is to be noted that mere satisfaction does not create brand loyalty nor encourage positive word of mouth. Hence, the need for you to take a step further and interact with your customers in the post-purchase phase.  

By interacting with your customers at a time when they are most anxious as they’re awaiting their parcels, you are going a step further and exceeding their expectations. This indeed delights them and inspires fierce loyalty. 

If you’re thinking right now why customer loyalty is stressed so much, here are some stats to clear your doubts: 

  • Acquiring a new customer costs five times than it costs to retain an existing customer.
  • A retained customer is more likely (> 60%) to make a purchase with you than a new customer (< 20%)
  • Just a 5% increase in customer retention rates (CRR) leads to an increase of 25% in profits of at least.

Therefore, it is high time that businesses stop overlooking the post-purchase phase and strive towards it in order to inspire customer loyalty.  

For greater clarity, we’ll take things one step at a time by understanding post-purchase interactions via various channels of engagement and how each of them can help in customer delight.

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