5IMCHECKLIST.ORG–101 WAYS TO PROFIT FROM PLR Congratulations if you have purchased new PLR content recently. You have literally saved tons of cash and time and you have also freed yourself from all the hassles of planning and stressing over content creation. If you are looking to attain instant expertise in any kind of niche, you have achieved it by downloading your awesome new PLR content. However, you may be thinking that you can only use your PLR materials in very limited ways. In fact, you may be thinking that the only way to use this stuff is to publish them on your blog. This is going to be a problem because of Google Panda. You probably don’t want to be penalized by Google for duplicate content. What do you do? Well, you can use your PLR text content as base materials that you can rewrite and use once. You may be thinking that is the only way to use PLR content. Absolutely not. Think again. You can actually get tons of use and value from the dollars you have spent on PLR content packages. In fact, you can get hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars’ worth of value for the few measly bucks you spend on PLR content.

How you ask? By Repurposing it!Repurposing means changing the format of PLR content or using it in different ways or sharing it different channels. By doing this, you give more benefit to your intended audience and you stand to make a lot more money. To be perfectly honest, the only limits to PLR repurposing are your imagination and creativity. To give you a tiny idea of what is possible with PLR content repurposing, here are 101 tried and proven ideas. But before we begin, please make sure to check the permissions of you specific PLR packages regarding the modifications you make and how much legal permission you get in giving these materials away. You should also look at how much permission you get for allowing other people to modify the PLR materials you bought.
To be continued.
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