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How would you like to get your store started even faster and be even more successful? That’s exactly what this cheat sheet is intended to help you with. These are secrets, tips and tricks that aren’t included in the book that will help you to get to your goal faster and take some shortcuts that you ordinarily wouldn’t have used. There are quite a few of them so let’s get started.

1. Use your entire 15-day Shopify trial. Often new store owners are so excited to get started that they will sign up for one of the plans that Shopify offers and will lose the days of their trial. The trial is intended to allow you to evaluate the platform completely without any cost or obligation.

2. Unless you are very familiar with analytics systems and have a favorite already, stick with Google Analytics. It is one of the most useful analytics platforms on the web, and integrates with things like your Adwords account to help you advertise if you choose to do so.

3. Don’t think, just do. Many people want to consult experts in the field or the web for advice and get discouraged before they even start but the most successful entrepreneurs didn’t think about it too much – they just believed they would be successful and they were.

4. Start as early as possible. You might not be able to travel back in time and start yesterday, but you can start right now. You are going to need as much preparation time as possible and even if you aren’t planning on launching your store for months you need to start right away.

5. One of the smartest things that you can do when it comes to products is to test a product before you purchase a single unit of it. Create a product listing or a group of listings and make them out of stock. Then, use whatever marketing means you have, or whatever advertising campaigns that you can get on the cheap to get your products in front of a few people. Find out if there is truly some interest in the products that you are thinking about selling. You’ll be able to look at your site analytics and see just how popular something is, and whether or not it is a worthwhile investment without having to buy a single unit. Since you are going to be buying in bulk to get wholesale prices, you need to be absolutely sure that you’re going to be successful.

6. Ask for feedback and don’t ignore it. This seems like it is in direct contradiction with the advice in number three, but that’s not the case. You aren’t asking for advice here – you are asking for feedback on what you have already decided upon, and you’re getting it from customers. In fact, no matter what it is that you are planning to sell, get advice on the product from customers as quickly as you can. The right advice could keep you from selling a product that is going to cost you money – or at least won’t make you as much money as another product would – but customers will give you feedback right away if you ask for it.

7. Don’t let your lack of experience with ecommerce stop you from taking a great idea online. With Shopify, you have a much easier way of getting your product to consumers than if you were getting your ecommerce website online on your own. Even if you know nothing about ecommerce, with the Shopify Secrets book and all of the tips and information that is included here you’ll be able to get your site online and running and you can turn that million dollar idea in to a million dollar business. From taking the payments to order fulfillment via third-party services, Shopify is the easiest platform to take your marketing ideas online.

8. Start small until you know what products are going to be the most popular and which products are going to sell rarely if at all. For example, if you have a product that you are planning to offer in five different styles, ten different colors and four different sizes, you are looking at a total of 200 different products just to have one of each and the odds are that you probably won’t sell most of the styles, sizes and colors for a long time. Start small, do your research and once you know what is selling big and what is never selling, then you can start placing your orders, with the confidence to know that you won’t collapse from a cash-flow problem like so many other ecommerce businesses.

9. Use social media, but if you are selling products, you especially want to use Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the most effective ways of getting your products in front of people and since Shopify makes it incredibly easy for you to set up a buy button right on your Pinterest posts, there is no setup or reason not to make use of this incredible tool. Pinterest allows you to post pictures of your products and get people’s attention and many ecommerce websites say that Pinterest gives them more referrals than any other website around. Of course, you also need to make sure that other social media is being used as well because Facebook and Twitter, as well as a few others, are still great sources for sales.

10. Don’t use the same, boring marketing techniques that some companies today are still using. In this world of viral videos and unique marketing ideas, you want to be as interesting as you can when it comes to marketing. Being boring isn’t going to be effective anymore. That kind of advertising just doesn’t work. Instead, try to think of some really creative ways that you can market your products. You can even ask your customers for ideas and see what they can come up with. You’d be surprised how much a loyal customer is willing to help a store they like.
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