See Your Own Greatness.

 See Your own Greatness.

I know that every entrepreneur has an internal calling...

It pulls them.
Calls to them.
Drives them.

I also know that every entrepreneur often covers it up...

with long to-do lists, fears about losing money,

and overall "busy-ness."

That's a shame.

Because their uniqueness... their own core desires..

. is what will make them more money.

I work closely with entrepreneurs inside my blog,

and my favorite part is freeing them up to do the

things they find purposeful.

I know that when an entrepreneur is free to do more

of what they find meaningful, they grow way, way, WAY faster.
Why? Because the founder is freed from worrying

about money and can now think about what they

ENJOY doing in the business.

What you enjoy... your "purpose" if you will....

is your unique positioning in the marketplace.

It's your secret advantage.

I know what it is like to get so focused on money or growth

that you forget about being purposeful.

That's usually when you make long to-do lists and wor

k even harder to try to cover up that feeling.

And usually... it's a long to-do list of things that you t

hink you HAVE to do, not want to do.

Have you ever felt that?

If so, you are not alone.

And the good news is... that means that the world has more waiting for you.

You became an entrepreneur because you wanted freedom.

You were betting on YOURSELF - win or lose.

You wanted to see how far you could go.

You took a bet on becoming MORE.

It was not just about money…

It was about the deliriously exciting journey of

pursuing what lights you up.

Because… after all…

Freedom IS… simply being yourself.

Yet most of us… MOST OF US… do not know what that feels l

ike… because we are so busy running our businesses and finding

the “thing” that will set us free.

Ironically...  we get trapped by our pursuit of freedom.

We got into this game so that we could go after what we LOVE.

But we do SO MUCH that we don’t love.

Is there anything we can do about that?

The answer is yes.

I often remind my followers: “You are enough.”

That is not just some self development ra-ra.

Your unique skills… your perspective… your desires…

They are enough.

Not just to “be happy” - but to be successful.

Your unique skills and desires are what fuel the business,

because the business is a reflection of the entrepreneur.

When you can around your uniqueness…

THAT is freedom.

You’re an entrepreneur. You are one of the most powerful people on the planet.

Do not waste it pursuing what does not excite you.

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