Social Traffic Plan

Social Traffic Plan
In 2006, Facebook expanded its already highly successful
network of college students to include work networks. A year
later, Twitter came onto the scene as a new marketing tool for
businesses to better interact with their customers. When
Facebook bought out Instagram in 2012, the number of users on
Instagram more than doubled and currently has more than 300
million active users.
Over the last decade, social media has evolved drastically. Every
day, more businesses are creating their profiles, and even more
potential customers are also creating their profiles. Social media
is no longer a novel concept for businesses but rather a necessity
for building a reputation and brand awareness.6
Online digital marketing has numerous advantages for
businesses. First, the information travels fast, and it is very cost
effective. Also, there are no geographical boundaries, and
everyone can use it. When a new social media platform is
introduced, there tends to be a mad dash to secure a business
username and gain new followers.
Then many businesses seek advice on how to grow their
followers and convert potential customers after the fact.
Unfortunately, this often fails. To be successful on social media, a
business needs to be sure that they have a solid understanding of
their brand. It takes much more than a simple business website to
succeed in today's digital age.
Social media has become a tool for establishing your brand.
Consumers are connected 24/7, and social media is how you can
keep up. How many times have you heard a friend or family
member say that they heard about a new product or found a cool
article on a social media site?
When it comes to social media, you need to view it as a golden
opportunity to drive traffic back to your website and convert
potential customers. Businesses can easily create noise for
consumers, but with a robust social media brand, you can stand
out and use social media to reach your business goals.7
It is essential that you spend your time on the social media
platforms that best represent your brand. If you don't have an
established brand, this guide will help you understand the
importance of building a brand portfolio. Before you venture off
into uncharted social media waters, you need to understand what
your business is and who you are trying to reach.
You might want to consider taking some time to watch from a
distance and make some observations regarding how other
companies are using the platforms and engaging with their
customers. You need to develop a solid understanding of the
demographics of each of the different social platforms and the
kind of conversations taking place. Many businesses fail at
harnessing the power of social media because they lack planning
and branding. If you can understand who you are, establishing
yourself on social media will feel less daunting.
As a business, you don't need to get your name on every social
media site. Social media isn't a one size fits all solution. You need
to decide which platforms will best help your company reach its
goals. Particular social media platforms are more suitable for
displaying your artistic skills, while others can introduce you to the
software communities. 8
Once you determine the perfect platform and the right audience,
you need to figure out a way to strengthen these relationships to
satisfy the customer in a way that they become your marketers by
spreading a good word about your brand.
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