The next three years are going to be very interesting.

The next three years are going to be very interesting.

It is going to expose a lot of us.

There are two types of people -- and it says a lot about how you will navigate this next chapter.

One group thinks that the next three years are going to be filled with famine, fire, plague, war, and tragedy.

And those people will never be successful.

I have friends who predict that 2023 will be the worst year of our lives.

I laugh at them to their faces.

If you are expecting the next few years to suck, then they will.

You will find evidence for it.

The other group of people see this period as the beginning of the next big opportunity.

As for me? I think it's about to be morning again in America.

Here's what I see:

- inflation and interest rates have peaked, which means we are starting to see relief

- stocks, real estate, and crypto are all in the toilet, which makes for AMAZING buying opportunities

- advertising rates have dropped, which makes it easier to get customers

- crappy businesses are being flushed out, which means it's time to build something that you love

- we now have balanced government, which means that both sides will be reigned in.


These next three years are BUILD MODE.

I still see amazing investing opportunities.

It's morning again.

Let's Build a Great Life

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