Words and thoughts are directly connected to one another as discussed in “Thoughts
Are Things”​ by Prentice Mulford. They are so powerful they have direct
consequences in every area of our lives. If positive they can deliver encouragement
and provide hope or if they hold a negative repercussion as they can destroy, steal joy
and happiness or take away confidence.
Where ever you are at in your life it is directly affected by your thought and words. Your
job or career, relationships and even the situations you find yourself in. Good or bad
the results are direct consequences.
I found that when my life was in disarray I used several words that caused negative
results in my attitude, my spirit, feelings and emotions as well as my self-confidence. I
believe these words also affected my health to some extent. I had no idea at the time;
this was pointed out to me by someone who never seemed to have a problem in the
world. He never seemed to struggle with finances, relationships and is so very
successful. Many times I heard Robert Hollis, best known as The Millionaire Creator,
“Focus On What Matters.” “Don’t count the failures;; Just the successes.” I now know it
wasn’t that he and others that resembled this life and attitude wasn’t always true that
they never had problems; it was the way they handled the problems and their attitudes
about life’s happenstances.
I was at such a desperate time in my life that I had nothing that resembled a success.
Later found it was because my vocabulary was riddled with a regular use of negative
words that resulted in negative thoughts or vise versa. I had created a very bad habit
that needed to be corrected. This was not something I could do in a day or two or even
in a couple weeks. It took practice, a conscious effort over a period of time. This was a
real challenge however once I changed my vocabulary I started to see little sparks of
positivity in my life. I can still remember the first time I realized even though my trying
life didn’t change too much I was happier.
Self-Talk​ - Words we use that affect our moods and everything in our day. We are not
the only ones affected; it affects others in our lives. (Our families, our peers and even
My Challenge To You - Remove the Following Vocabulary
1.​ Can't - ​The use of this word is primarily why many hopes and dreams are never
achieved or seen. The elimination of this word completely will
positively change your life in so many ways.2. But - "But" negates whatever statement that precedes it. “I wan t to quit my job
but……. Your mind does not focus on quitting your job and only sees the income, hard
work and time needed to achieve the goal of quitting your job. Replace "but" with
3. Should - Whenever you use the word "should" generally creates a sense of guilt. "I
should go to the gym," makes you feel guilty for not going. Replace this word with
"choose," as in, "I choose to go to the gym, or I choose not to go to the gym
4. Maybe - This word indicates indecision, doubt, or uncertainty as to a course of action.
For example, "Maybe I'd better wait to..."
"Maybe" should be used very sparingly. Use "I will" or "I will not" instead of
maybe​. The mere sound of the more positive words emits
feelings of confidence and resolve which are so important to our personal well-being.
5. Soon or Later - Both are indefinite references to time. They are also non-committal.
They should be replaced with a definite time and date​.
When someone tells you he or she is going to do something "soon" or "later," there is no
way to determine when whatever it is will get done. Imagine what could happen to
deadlines and your integrity when these words are used frequently.
6. Someday - Someday, like soon or later, is much too indefinite, and when it is used, it
shows the same lack of commitment.
Replace "someday" with a specific date and time​.
7. Never - This word is absolute, and are only limited situations when "never" is
absolutely true. The use of this word, in my opinion, suggests a closed mind, which
seriously hinders our self-growth efforts. The word "never"
should be replaced with a non-absolute term​.
8. Won't - The word "won't" implies an unwillingness, reluctance, or closed mindedness,
and like the absolute term "never," it is quite harmful because it closes the door on
many of the actions we need to take to reach our goals.
9. If - This is a small word that carries large doubts and puts huge limitations on our
belief system, and when used often, it gnaws away at our confidence and intended
actions, two qualities necessary for any type of success.
10. Try or (I'll Try) - I don't know about you, but each time someone has said these
words to me, or the few times that I have used them in conversations with others,
whatever the subject of "I'll try" was, rarely, if ever, got done. Replace "I'll try" with
"I will or I’ll do my best."These words must be given serious thought before we use them in our "self talk" or in
the conversations we have with others.
Because words hold so much power they can influence the way people view us, our
business and our opinions of ourselves as well as what we believe we can and cannot

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