The Power Of Taking Action Checklist

The Power Of Taking Action Checklist

It’s impossible to achieve your dreams if you are not ready to pay the price. Sadly, many people are expecting magic or miracles without the willingness and drive to strive to make their dreams a reality. This guide explores the reasons many people struggle to hit their targets due to procrastination and indecision. It also highlights the hacks and tips that can help to overcome this problem.

Chapter 1: Dream Or Fantasy

Many people who believe that they have dreams are only living in the realm of fantasy. They are expecting circumstances to come together to help them reach their targets without significant contributions on their own part. You are only daydreaming if you’re not ready to put in the hard work to attain the goals you desire to accomplish. You can tell that you’re not fantasizing when your targets have the following attributes:
• Definite
• Measurable
• Feasible
• Meaningful
• Time-bound

Chapter 2: Crossing The Bridge From Dreams To Reality

Having a dream is of no use when you don’t have concrete plans to make it a reality. You’re on your way to attaining your goals when you have an actionable plan with which you want to reach them. Setting goals isn’t wishful thinking but a deliberate attempt to make things happen. You need to be motivated every day to make your dreams come to pass. Below are some sources of motivation that can help you to keep the flame burning:
• Past failure
• Accountability
• Competition
• Stories of similar people
• Desire to be an inspirational example

Chapter 3: Procrastination: The Nemesis Of Dreamers

Time isn’t loyal to anyone. If you keep wasting it, you’ll realize at some point that you should have done more when you had the time. Procrastination is one of the commonest reasons many people are never able to achieve their dreams. They kept saying they will start pursuing their goals the next month or year until it is too late. Below are some crucial things you need to understand about procrastination:
• Procrastination can be inherited like a physical trait from one’s parents
• Procrastination is often a bad habit that can be unlearned and defeated
• The fear of failure is one of the reasons people vacillate and waste time
• Identifying and eliminating distractions can help you to keep your focus on your goals
• A carefree attitude can make you refuse to take action to achieve your dreams

Chapter 4: Causes Of Procrastination

If you can identify the reasons you procrastinate, you’re a step towards overcoming this issue. Even if you have inherited inaction and impulsive behaviors from your parents, you can still manage them and make the best out of your life. Some of the most common causes of procrastination include:
• Setting ambiguous goals
• A feeling that a task is boring
• Frustration due to lack of skills
• A feeling that the task is meaningless
• Inability to make tangible progress
• Lack of instant gratification
• Lack of structure

Chapter 5: How To Overcome Inaction

You can overcome procrastination if you’re determined to turn your life around. Most importantly, you need to know how you can go about it. You can reduce the rate at which you waste time through the following ways:
• Have an emotional connection to the task
• Practice journaling to document your progress
• Start with the most challenging task
• Change the triggers label
• Leverage peak energy period
• Identify resistance level
• Think about the cost
• Fight the feeling to procrastinate

Chapter 6: Delaying Procrastination

You can motivate yourself to action by choosing to procrastinate later. It’s a simple mental tweak that can make a whole lot of difference. You can postpone the urge to waste time and stay inactive by leveraging the hacks below:
• Identify the reason for your lack of motivation and deal with it
• Recognize your stressors and manage them effectively
• Find a source of inspiration
• Stay away from negative people

Chapter 7: Turning Chores To Fun Activity

It gets boring to do some things all over again, regardless of their importance. An integration of fun into your chores can be the game-changer you need to inspire you to work faster and harder. The tips below will help you in this regard:
• Introduce music
• Make games out of tasks
• Leverage punishment
• Delegate tasks when possible
• Share burden with friends and family
• Listen to audiobooks
• Call a friend
• Change your mindset

Chapter 8: Flipping Inaction Into Action

During those days when you don’t feel like doing anything, you can call yourself to order by giving yourself a sidekick that can motivate you into action. The hacks below will be useful in this regard:
• Set time targets
• Leverage breaks
• Choose a diehard day
• Seek extension of the deadline
• Drink more fluid
• Don’t have a zero day
• Take a walk
• Avoid staying in your comfort zone

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