They Called Me Crazy!

Have you noticed that often family (and sometimes friends) will be the first to attempt talking you out of your dreams.

They may call you crazy. And tell you your ideas are too big.
This is when I built my first restaurant and the landlord at the mall paid all the least hold improvements and I had $10,000 cash left over! You to can do this, it's easy when I show you how.

It might appear to be jealousy or a lack of trust in your abilities.

But the reality is that most times, they are doing this from a place of LOVE.

Humans are naturally wired to PROTECT their loved ones from anything that smells like:

Danger or RISK.

I mean, no one wants to watch their loved one walk into a ditch.

And if your dreams are BIG, they will often say all they can to “protect” you from regrets and hurt that you are likely to encounter along the way.

It’s similar to what happens when your 5 year old daughter tells you that she wants to learn to ride a bicycle.

Immediately, all the things that could go wrong flash before your eyes and you end up trying to dissuade her with excuses like:

“Wait till you are a bit older, love.”

Now, I know you probably have big goals and dreams for your business, and every day you are putting in the effort to see those dreams turn into reality…

But until your big goals are achieved, there will be doubters.

And more often than not, it’ll be the people you love the most.

Try not to take it personal – and don’t let it discourage you from plowing on.

They just don’t understand.

The best way to repay them for their love and concern is to ensure that they have what they need to live a happy life.

And building a successful business that also provides freedom will help you do just that.
Dave Meholovitch
Hold on Tight to Your Dreams!

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