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Hey - Today, I want to take a minute and talk about one of the most frequent questions I hear from entrepreneurs.

“Anik, what business should launch?”

Honestly, it’s frustrating hearing that question. I always answer, how the heck should I know?!

I have no idea what you’re good at, what your passions are, or what your experiences are. It all comes down to YOU.

But recently, I heard a really great piece of advice from Ed Mylett’s podcast that perfectly answers these questions. Now, I’m paraphrasing, but here’s the gist:

We’re best fit to help those we used to be…

Think about who you are, where you’ve been, and what makes you YOU.

When looking to launch a business, sell a product/service, or teach a course, the best thing to do is teach someone who’s in the position you used to be in.

For me, I’ve spent my career teaching hungry and motivated entrepreneurs how to start online businesses.

It makes perfect sense - that’s exactly what I was 20 years ago!

So think about yourself. If you already have a business, is it aligned with this principle? Are there ways you can shift to more accurately help the person you once were.

If you haven’t launched your business yet, or decided what to sell, will you follow this advice?

In this 10-minute YouTube video, I dive deep into EXACTLY how to find the right business or product for YOU.

I also show you the “One Word Secret” that I’ve used to simplify my business.

Go here to watch ASAP! 

Love you guys,


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