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One of my most powerful productivity processes is to timeblock using the Pomodoro
Technique. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25
minutes in length, separated by short 5 minute breaks. I may choose 50 minute intervals with
10 minute breaks if I’mdoing deeper work on a specific project. There is no multitasking during
work intervals. In other words, when I’m in a work interval there’s no checking my phone,
email, or social media. I’m literally blocking out the outside world for that specific Pomodoro
Session. I also include a start and end time for my morning routine in case I’mpressed for time
that day and need to condense critical sections of my routine.
Brush Teeth
There’s nothing fancy for why I do this upon waking. It simply helps wake me up and freshen
my mouth. The taste of minty toothpaste has become an anchor in my morning routine that
makes me feel more awake and alert.
I originally learned the importance of hydrating first thing in the morning from my mentor Alex
Charfen. He taught me that “hyper-hydrating” upon waking has a huge effect on energy,
alertness and metabolism throughout the day. Studies have even shown that the majority of
Americans suffer from chronic dehydration—a problem that can decrease memory and
increase feelings of anxiety and fatigue. I fill up a blender bottle with 24 oz. of water and mix it
with organic green powder to alkalize my body.
Meditation helps calm my mind and nervous system while minimizing my reactivity. When I’m
committed to my daily meditation practice I literally feel like time slows down. Space is created
between an event that could trigger me and my response to that event. Bottomline, I’mmore
present, compassionate, and focused by starting my day in meditation. The type of meditation
you choose is up to you. If you’rea beginner, I recommend starting with guided meditation like
Head Space or Insight Timer. How long should you meditate? Choose a time that you can stay
committed to daily. So if 15 or 20 minutes seems impossible start with 2 minutes and build
from there. There is no one size fits all approach for meditation. Try it out for 30 days and you’ll
see the results for yourself!
Now I’mreally sounding like a Californian Hippy, but the results don’tlie. Breathwork is known
to boost immunity, reduce anxiety, process emotions/trauma, and skyrocket energy. I follow a 5
4minute guided breathwork session from my mentor Shane Saunders. You can learn more about
this in his free Facebook group called “TheBreathing Edge”.
Green Smoothie
Rather than eating a heavy breakfast, I try to take on as many nutrients as possible every
morning. I make a green smoothie that consists of nutrient-dense, raw, organic, non-GMO
superfoods. My green smoothie has cucumbers, bananas, avocado, spinach/kale, frozen berries,
and gluten free oats combined with high-grade vegan protein powder and Maca as an immune
booster. Flushing my body with nutrients first thing in the morning skyrockets my energy and
gives me permission to be more flexible with my diet throughout the day. Since I primarily eat
lean meats, complex carbs, and veggies for my meals, this jump starts my body into an alkaline
Planning & Journaling
Planning allows me to be more proactive in my day rather than reactive to the demands of
others. It helps me live by the famous words of the late Stephen Covey, “Themain thing is to
keep the main thing the main thing.”If I feel I need to process any negative emotions, limiting
beliefs, or fears, I journal my thoughts to paper to release their emotional charge. This has
become one of the most important and useful parts of my life.
I used to exercise first thing in the morning to build the habit of daily movement. Once I turned
this habit into my identity, I found that I could be more flexible with my routine. Since my
mental clarity and focus are the best in the first 2 hours of my day, I moved my exercise time to
the afternoon so I could focus on my most important and non-urgent work projects in the
morning. And since my energy normally would dip in the afternoon, I chose to schedule that
time for my exercise to boost my energy. Since implementing these changes I’ve never looked
back. I don’tsuggest blindly following my routine here. I recommend testing to see what works
best for you. Bottomline, my routine is to move my body every single day.
Daily expression of love and appreciation for Amy
A happy wife makes a happy life. Sure, it’sa cliche...but cliches are often true. I want my wife
to feel loved and appreciated every single day. As an Entrepreneur, it’seasy to get consumed by
our business at the cost of our health and relationships. So I intend to express love and
appreciation to Amy every morning. I’mby no means perfect, and sometimes get consumed by
work. But just having this intention has improved our relationship tremendously. Whether
5you’remarried or not, I encourage you to focus on making “relationshipdeposits”by expressing
love and appreciation to a loved one daily (i.e. family, kids, friends, clients, etc.)
P.M. Checklist
The key to staying committed to your morning routine is your evening routine. The number
one excuse I hear from people about missing their morning routine is that they didn’t get a
good night’s sleep. Well what do you expect if you’re working late or watching netflix until
11pm? My evening routine is designed to reflect on the day, plan the next day, and disconnect
from technology. Disconnecting from technology is probably the hardest part of this intention.
And there are nights where we intentionally choose to watch a movie or show. But generally
speaking we shut off all technology by 9:30pm and have lights out by 10pm so that we can
wake up well rested. Remember that this routine is what works for me and is not something
that I think everyone should follow. That’s because I’m more of an “early bird” than a “night
owl”. So if you try this routine on stay aware of how you’re feeling to ensure you align yourself
with your natural rhythms so you can live your life by design instead of default.
Next Steps
I hope that this “FearlessCoach Morning Routine Checklist”was a valuable resource for you as
you continue your journey of optimizing your productivity.
If you’veen joyed this and know another coach or entrepreneur that could benefit from it, then
please forward them a copy. I’m sure they’ll thank you for it.
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