Value of Contacts Lists for Social Media Messaging

The Value of Contacts Lists for Social Media Messaging
If you run any kind of small business then a contact list is a highly useful method for keeping tabs on who you are doing business with and who else is interested in your services. But did you know that they could also be even more powerful tools when combined with social messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp?
Combing Social Messaging With Contact Management
Social messaging apps let you speak with customers, clients, and leads directly, and are becoming increasingly popular among marketers looking to find new ways to engage. You can message someone on here to ask how they’re enjoying a product, or use it to strike up a conversation that eventually leads to a sale.
Contact management systems are essentially systems that are often housed online which allow you to easily store your contacts in a database that allows you to call them up quickly and easily. This also increases the speed at which you can enter new data and that means that you can keep your information constantly up to date and add new contacts easily and immediately. At the same time free contact management services allow you to do all this for no charge and that means that any business can cleverly keep a database of their clients and leads and not need to hire anyone to do so. This may be just one function of a larger set of free tools for business.
Essentially all this means then that a small business can have a contact list quickly and easily that is also well organized and designed. But a contact list is more than simply an address book – it is a highly valuable tool and a wealth of information that is in itself valuable. A good contact list is in fact a huge asset for a company and something that can increase the business' value. Some companies will even sell their contacts for large sums of money just as they might sell a website or a patent!
The reason for this is that a contact list provides you with leads and a tried and tested market with additional details. If you have a business contact manager then this will mean that you have a lot of different people and businesses – with their e-mails and phone numbers in tact – that you can almost guarantee are interested in your products (as they will have signed up to a mailing list or to your newsletter, or they will have used your business before). This then means that you can market your new products directly to them via social messaging and this marketing will be highly targeted (not to mention completely free).
You can simply collect the contacts via a sign up form (making sure to use the Facebook Messenger plugin, or get permission to contact them via WhatsApp) and then begin messaging from there. You can also populate this list with people who message you directly from your Facebook page, or people who DM you on Instagram.
Better yet, is that most contact management tools allow you to track other information about people. Ask about their hobbies and interests when discussing with them, or when they sign up. You can then see this information in front of you the next time you talk with them on social messaging apps, allowing you to be far more persuasive using personal information that you know they’ll respond to!
At the same time though these contacts also act as market feedback, telling you who bought your services and whether they will again. This raw data, coupled with the market is highly valuable to your company and also of great value to you and other businesses in your industry.
Social messaging and contact management might just be a match made in heaven!
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