14IMCHECKLIST.ORG–101 WAYS TO PROFIT FROM PLR Idea #20:Convert PLR picture content packages into slideshows If you have gotten your hands on niche specific PLR picture packages, these are goldmines. They really are. You can easily turn them into a slideshow and you can post this slideshow on your social media accounts, and on slideshow specific platforms like Slide Share to get traffic back to your website. Idea #21:Convert PLR picture content packages into videos You can use certain types of software to compile your pictures into a slideshow, which you then animate into a video. When done well, these can actually be quite good and they can have quite a bit of an impact. When you create the videos, you can share them on your social media accounts, YouTube, as well as Vimeo and other video platforms. Idea #22: Turn your PLR blog posts into Tweet questions Most blog posts have certain questions that they pose or answer. Figure these out by reading your PLR blog post content and post these questions on Twitter along with the link to your website that you have posted your PLR blog post on.
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