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Hello, my name is Dave Meholovitch. Have you been dreaming about being your own boss? You can own your own business today, even if you are broke! Wouldn’t it be great to step into an on going business and you are the boss? Or start-up your dream business?

There’s absolutely no reason I can think of why you can’t buy an existing business or start one from scratch, using none of your own money. I will show you step by step how I did it.

I believe you have two choices; one, to build someone else’s dream or two, to build your dream. And remember, “If you don’t follow your dreams you’ll be working for someone who did.” Can you Do it?

Well You Can!

For all the years of your life you’ve put into making money for someone else…

For all the days and nights and weekends you’ve sweated trying to make ends meet… This is formation is for you!

Remember the 3 P's

You must have patiencepersistenceperseverance. And, oh yeah, you must have the mind set that you can do it!

95% Of People QUIT And Give Up

Before They Even start, they listen to well intended people say that so and so tried that and it didn’t work Not Here And Not YOU!

    Look, here is why people give up and Quit: "They don't have the right information or any idea how to buy or start their own business. Until Now! All you need is the right information and to be motivated to take that next step.

   In order to become your own boss, you must change your way of thinking, if you don’t you will stay stuck in that same old 9 to 5 routine. The new way to think about you being the boss requires that you believe! This is what separates you from the "haves" and the "have-nots" My book will Inspire, Excite and Motivate you to take action!

   You will NOT be part of that 95% by following my system and becoming part of my program! You see, I bought or started 10 different businesses and never once did I use any of my own money! You can do the same thing after you understand my system “Who Wants To Be The Boss?” I know what you are thinking. Why in the world would someone sell their business for no money down? I didn’t say they didn’t get any money, I said that you wouldn’t use any of your money as a down payment! Lock up your check book.

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