Who is Social Messaging Marketing For?

If you read a lot of articles and blog posts on internet marketing, then chances are that you have absolutely no shortage of strategies and approaches to choose from when it comes to marketing your business. In all likelihood, you’ve just about heard it all and possibly don’t know where to start.
But just because there’s a great new marketing method, that doesn’t mean that it’s a great new marketing method for you. Savvy internet marketing is at least partly about choosing the right strategies for your business.
Social Messaging involves using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp (among others) to talk directly to your potential customers and leads. This way you can develop your relationship, build trust, and eventually drive sales.
But is this method right for you?
Who is This For?
This DOES require more effort on a per-customer basis. You are now actually talking with your leads and trying to convert them from “potential” clients, into actually paying customers.
This makes this a particularly good option for companies that are selling “big ticket” items, and particularly those selling services.
This isn’t right for every type of business then. If you run a website and make money from advertising alone, then your CLV (customer lifetime value) is very low. You likely get a few cents from each visitor maximum, and will require a huge volume of traffic to make a living. You can’t send that many messages through Facebook or WhatsApp!
But if you sell web design for example, and you charge $5,000 for a 1 month project, then you could very well see the amount of time you put into a discussion with a few clients as being highly worthwhile.
Another Proviso: Real Brands Only
The other proviso for using this kind of marketing? Your business must be a “real brand.”
What do I mean by that? Well essentially, I mean that you must be a company with a vision, a value proposition, a great logo…
And most of all? FANS. You need to be the kind of business that has something to say and that has as such been able to ensure that its followers are truly excited about the prospect of hearing from you.
This is the kind of company that we want to hear from in our inboxes. Think of the difference between a company that sells PPI and one that makes beautiful works of art that you LOVE. Getting unsolicited PPI messages are the absolute bane of our existence and we are almost certain to be offended by them. But getting a message from a brand that you are engaged with means you are at least somewhat likely to look at the message and read with an open mind.
In short then, Social Messaging is not for everyone. But if you have a business that sells high-cost services and products, and if you have a brand that has a lot of engagement and real fans… then social messaging just might be a great avenue for your next wave of marketing.
Rooting For You!
Dave Meholovitch

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